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ILANTUS in the Identity and Access Management-as-a-service (IDaaS) Quadrant, 2015.

The only full featured SSO, Identity Governance & Administration capabilities from the cloud.

The only full featured SSO, Identity Governance & Administration capabilities in your data center.

ILANTUS feature set and pricing are strong for the midmarket, which is its current sweet spot for customer acquisition… The leading IT research and advisory firm.

Xpress Identity
Xpress Identity product portfolio addresses the entire Identity life-cycle management needs with all the required components, delivered in your data-center.
Xpress IDaaS
IDaaS addresses the newly emerging identity & access management and governance challenges and enables organizations provide their users a faster, easy and secured access to enterprise applications/data anytime, anywhere; but with effective measures of control over access and protection from various security threats.

What Our Customers Say

After implementing ILANTUS Product , our users’ dependence on IT resources for password unlock and resets was nearly gone and we saw a noticeable impact in productivity in all departments, including IT.Gujarat Gas
By synchronizing ILANTUS Product and PeopleSoft, the existing HR software, all 28,500 users were able to be auto registered into Password Express and ensure that everyone was seamlessly using the new password management tool.iGate

Our Happy Customers