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June 2016

Phased approach to implementing Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

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Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) implementations have many pitfalls.

ILANTUS known for its successful implementations. Gartner says in its 2016 IDaaS Magic Quadrant “ILANTUS Customer References gave the vendor high marks for implementation, support & rapid deployments AGAIN this year”.

In this article ILANTUS CTO & CEO shares one of the secret sauces of success on phased approach to most successful implementations.

Tired of using multiple user ids & passwords?

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  • User ID and password combination is still the most common way through which users gain access to an application. Average number of applications that a user has access to is increasing with the proliferating applications on-premise and on the cloud. Hence the number of passwords that a user has to remember is proportionally increasing.
  • Complex password policies and password history requirements lead to more number of incidents for ‘Forgotten Passwords’.
  • Due to stringent IT Security compliance & audit requirements, each user should have their own account to access each application.
  • More and more organizations are embracing adoption of BYOD. Hence organizations need to ensure users have access to applications through all these devices.
  • With globalization, remote workforce is proliferating. Ensuring access to applications for these remote workforces is a top priority for the organizations.
  • Adoption of Mac workstations is proliferating. Lot of organizations has a mix of Windows and Mac workstations.
  • These challenges lead user to use multiple user ids and passwords with more complex password policies. It reduces the user conveniences and of course, their productivity. On the other hand, increases the help-desk calls/tickets as the users often forgot their passwords or locked out their applications accounts.
    According to Gartner, one of the main global IAM Market Research organization:
  • Approximately 30% of total call load for multipurpose help desks are password-related. Volumes are higher for limited-function call centers.
  • Hard costs for help-desk-related calls range from $3 to $18 (For North America organizations) per call. The lower end of the range pertains to call centers that provide predominantly administrative support; the higher end of the range pertains to help desks that have more highly compensated technical staff that perform multiple support functions in addition to password-related calls.
  • Also, the use multiple user ids & password may lead to security threats, as users will find short-cut ways to remember these passwords such as sticking those passwords on their workstations/laptops, use “easily guessed” password or commonly used passwords such as “P@ss1234”, “Abcd1234” etc.
    By using a Single Sign On solution or a Password Management tools, these challenges can be easily addressed.

Password Resets: Save Money

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Gartner and other analysts say that organizations spend between $5 to $15 in resetting one password.  While customers do realize resets are creating added costs, there is no comprehensive Password Management product that can truly meet the complex needs of an enterprise, ensure easy implementation and does not cost much.

ILANTUS has  one of the only solutions on the market that can save your organization  thousands of dollars a month through its comprehensive features, easy deployment while keeping the costs down.

Take a look at how to save money with ILANTUS XPRESS PASSWORD (PXP).

Identity Governance, IBM & SAP

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After years of being a legend, IBM is finally beginning to move with Access Governance features. Through the acquisition of Cross Ideas, IBM has brought its Identity Management Technology (ISIM) in line with some of the best.


But most still don’t know that IBM’s Access Governance has something special for SAP customers.

SoD (Segregation of Duties) was a Cross Ideas (company IBM acquired) strength for SAP customers.  Now IBM has refined this original Cross Ideas feature to serve the needs of SAP customers, providing IBM SAP customers with Access Governance and saving them thousands of dollars that they had to spend on complex technologies such as SAP GRC.

ILANTUS is the only partner of IBM that worked with Cross Ideas even before the acquisition.

As a trusted IBM partner and with an “SAP Innovation Lab,” ILANTUS understands SAP and  works with IBM technology that is easy to implement and support.

Do you have SAP & Okta SSO?

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Do you have SAP & Okta SSO?

If you have this combination, it is time to think again.

Okta provides no true SSO solution to the SAP world. SAP is a set of thick client that cannot be served by technologies such as Okta, One login, Centrify. ILANTUS has the only SSO solution (3 patents pending) to the SAP world that also works together with all other corporate applications.

So if you are paying a lot of money for Okta SSO and still not enabling your SAP environment on SSO, think again.


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Do you use IBM’s Web Access Management (WAM) technology (formally referred to as TAM, now referred to as ISAM)? TAM or ISAM provides a very generous set of Web Access Management features to manage access to your web applications.

However, ISAM fails to satisfy customer needs where on boarding new cloud/web applications to the Single Sign on (SSO) framework is needed. It also lacks intuitive user interface & ease in onboarding new applications.

ILANTUS SSO for ISAM is designed to snap fit on ISAM. Within two days, this snap fit can be deployed to provide you with all that ISAM lacks in the SSO domain. Snap Fit with ILANTUS SSO and fill the gap!

On Boarding New Apps

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IT infrastructure is considered as revenue generation investment and not merely a support infrastructure for business operations.
IT leadership team which recognizes this fact is always looking for cutting edge technologies to deliver on this mission and one such example is the Business team’s decision to onboard new IT applications for business requirements.

The time taken to deploy and operationalize the newly on-boarded application is crucial to the business decision and IT team has to be on its toes to meet this expectation / challenges.

Let us consider few challenges,

This new application has its own Authentication Store

This new application has its own Login URL

This new application has its own Authorization access model

ILANTUS’s solution is built to facilitate IT team to overcome this challenges, lets take each challenge in its context in below paragraphs,
1. With IDaaS solution you will be provided central user authentication store where in applications can be connected for authentication purposes, in case of applications which cannot be modified IDaaS connector factory can be leveraged to create / update user records in the third party application repository – this will reduce over heads for end user to remember application specific passwords.

2. With IDaaS solution you will be provided with a central landing page named as launchpad, which can be leveraged to add additional links as application icon on the launchpad – this will reduce over heads for end user to remember the new application URL and IT team can control the access to the link based on user’s job profile.

3. With IDaaS solution you can leverage IDaaS connector factory to add access within the application like adding entitlements , roles, groups or permissions to User profile, provided application supports third party API integration – this new application can be part of organizations generic access request workflow and this new application can be seamlessly introduced to End users.