4200 Kilometers of IDaaS Next

By November 22, 2017 No Comments


I recently made a trip of Europe to take the message of IDaas Next (The break through identity management technology ILANTUS has launched) to customers and partners. The difference in this trip was: I decided to drive all the way. In a span of 7 days I covered 4200 kilometers. While this will not be any world record it was for me. It was literally living out of suitcase. One would hit the road at 4 am, travelling 500-600 kms, have business meetings from around noon till dinner, checking into a new hotel only to repeat the cycle next day. I covered UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland & Czech Republic, to finally head back from Netherlands.

I have travelled all my life, more than most people. This visit however had its own uniqueness, I visited Poland & Czech Republic for the first time. Krakov in Poland was astonishing. My friends in Cap Gemini, Specially Bart & Greg had a great sense of pride in describing its history, they having being born these. KraKov has the largest town medivial square amongst any city in Europe. A lone woman with a beautiful voice in a misty night singing at the square was an experience never to forget. The salt mines at Krakov (The first ever site to be adopted by UNESCO) is fascinating. Prague is an another city I would like to visit as many times as possible. Declared by TIME magazine as the “most beautiful city on earth” its beauty is mesmerizing. There is something that puts it apart from any other city in the world. The fun on driving on Autobhan in Germany, with no upper speed limit, was like getting passport to freedom! Amsterdam has always had a special place in my heart. Being profoundly moved by Vincent Vorn Gogh, I have often visited his museum, It was my sixth travel to the place. His paintings have always moved me beyond expression, visiting this museum is no less than a pilgrimage for me.

Visiting my friends at Cap Gemini, some of them for the first time, was fun. In my heart I have rarely differentiated between a business and personal meeting. I believe we take our business objectives too seriously that leads to less rather them more results. Even in a business meeting we met the same human beings that have a heart beating inside. Yes, people can more gaurded in business meetings; it mostly gets dropping gourds first some of my best friends in life have come as an out come to business meetings. Made some good new friends at Capgemini, Deloite, DXEx and APG. I wish I could spend some more time with them.

Life is a journey. We travel for many decades on different roads, meet many people, experience the outer & inner worlds, go though varying emotions & finally complete the journey, only to begin one more at some point & time in the future. I feel these short travels of mine are micro examples of the macro journey of this lifetime. That’s why I love travelling!