The ABC of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) has rapidly expanded into EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management). The rapid growth and all pervasiveness of mobile devices has led to a significant expansion of domain.

EMM comprises of:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) has a user configuration profile & OS level controls – MDM has highly used device lifecycle management that can ensure remote wipe offs along with Endpoint Management.

Mobile Content Management deals with file level protection and secure content access – It has a content container and content push feature. It not only has app analytics but also can support the volume purchase and license management of apps.

Mobile Identity SSO, Certificate management, user access and trusted device assurance – Mobile Identity has user and device certificate management. App code signing is a must too.

Mobile App Management (MAM) Pre-configured apps, app level control. – Mobile App Management has support for OS extensions along with the enterprise app store.

VMware, MobileIron, IBM and Blackberry are the vendors that lead the market. It is interesting to note that none of the leaders have all the attributes in a satisfactory manner as the technology a market is still evolving. Microsoft is another vendor to watch as it is gaining rapid market share.

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