Access Governance

Access Governance (AG) is a major enabler in Information Security. Many breaches occur due to accesses that should not exist. Employees’ accounts often retain accesses even after they leave the organization. An AG system governs access rights in multiple ways. It enables the governance of all application and entitlement accesses through a powerful analytics engine. It also enables vital security compliance related activities such as Access Review and Re-certification.


  • Consolidated Access View (‘Who has Access to What’)
  • Orphan Account status view
  • View of vital changes in access profiles, roles and other variables
  • Triggers upon exceptions

ILANTUS AG provides:

  • Orphan/Dormant Account Management: Detect orphan and dormant accounts across business applications and allows admins to take appropriate actions.
  • Access Review/Re-certification: Enable accesses to be periodically reviewed in an easy, timely and effective manner.

Simple Access Governance

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Complex Access Governance

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