Access Governance

Automate Access Reviews
Determine ‘Who Has Access to What’
Manage orphan account with ease
Eliminate SOD conflicts

Attain a Sustainable Identity Compliance Program

Simplify Access Governance

Fully automate the monitoring, reporting, and re-certification of user entitlements to ensure security, simplify access delivery and meet ongoing compliance demands.

Streamline Fulfillment of Access Requests

Ensure users gain access to the resources they need, when they need them, in accordance with business and compliance requirements.

Advanced Reporting

Built-in reports and dashboards provide a centralized summary analysis of access across all users, entitlements and certifications.

Simplify Access Governance

Make things simpler

Easy view of how accesses are governed with a streamlined process for Access Requests and Fulfillment.

Access Re-certification of Accounts and Entitlements

Access Re-certification is an automated review of user accesses to various target systems. Set up and automate Access Re-certification with ease. Take automatic action based on the Re-certification.

Orphan Account Management

Accesses that remain available to ex-employees is a common scenario in organizations. These pose a serious security risk and can cost an organization dearly. Orphan Account Management detects these accounts across business apps, allows the admin to delete the account or assign it to a current user within the organization.

Multi-level Access Review Campaign

When accesses need to be certified by more than one reviewer, Admins can configure a Multi-Level Review Campaign. Admins can also configure the campaign to identify the type of access needed to be reviewed by each reviewer.

Streamline Fulfillment of Access Requests

A step by step clearly defined access request fulfillment process

Auto-fulfillment of re-certification

After a review campaign is completed, a detailed summary of accesses is generated for certification or revocation. Automate revocation and reconciliation once they Re-certification is completed.

Segregation of Duties

Comprehensive Segregation of Duties checks

Ensure reliable Segregation of Duties compliance. Use simple process to automate even the  most complex SOD programs.

Advanced Reporting

Providing comprehensive details on Access Governance through reports

Who has access to what reports

Get a real-time view of user access across business apps and entitlements. This feature enables businesses to take immediate and appropriate action if anything unusual is found.

User Account Report