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Breakfast With CEO-tales of growth


Breakfast with CEO is an Ilantus ritual. Here, our CEO, Binod Singh along with three Ilantians sit together in an informal setting for a cup of coffee and conversations. This week Darshan, Srikanth, and Gopi accompanied Binod to start the day with candid discussions.

This meeting has no agenda, it is a platform for free expression of thoughts. The business meetings that happen every day are usually to address something, and they are backed by a purpose–be it to resolve an issue, discuss a plan or to provide an update on the daily projects. They all have an agenda in place, unlike this meeting, which is the primary difference.

It provides a space where one gets to know the people they are working with a little better and bridges the gap between hierarchies for everyone to be heard without inhibitions. These conversations can revolve around personal lives, life at Ilantus, their passions, the stories of life’s highs and lows, from celebration to disappointments and are free to move in whichever direction. In fact, Binod believes this is the most productive meeting of his week because of its sheer ability to bring out suggestions and inspiring stories which are otherwise not expressed as freely due to the hustle bustle of life.

This week, our Ilantians shared some very interesting nuances about their life.

Darshan, a Systems Engineer at Ilantus for over a year now provided a sneak peek into his personal endeavors. He spends his free time in acts of social service, especially concerning the underprivileged kids. He is passionate about being a guiding aid to all those who cannot empower themselves with the right education–from raising funds for the education of kids to being a mentor himself, he goes above and beyond to provide for them. At Ilantus, his journey has been that of growth and learning. He is now self-sufficient in handling his responsibilities alone and wants to continue this journey to be able to architect Identity and Management solutions from endpoint to the customers in the future.

Shrikant, a Software Engineer at Ilantus for over 3 years now spoke about the vast experience he has gained. Initially, he joined as part of the implementation team, now he is a key player in onboarding several applications to our product and is also responsible for testing various new functionalities along with his several other responsibilities. He looks forward to his journey in Ilantus and is eager to work with new products.

Gopiraj, an Associate IT Infra Support at Ilantus for more than 3 years now spoke about the large spectrum of learning that his work experience has given him. From starting his career as a service engineer to exploring system administration to evolve his career, he has built his learning curve and grown along with the company. Now, he solves issues with ease along with his team and provides us with a sigh of relief at every instance.

It was a session where issues where addressed, solutions were provided and more than anything stories were shared. Whenever people sit together to simply talk without an agenda, it brings forth creative suggestions. It provides a platform to get to know one another better and create an environment for good communication with transparency.