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Breakfast with CEO


Honest, candid discussions are something of a rarity these days. Although underestimated, these conversations can pave the way for several ideas, creations, and intellectual bonds. In our corporate world where there are layers in a hierarchy, it is of utmost importance to bridge the gap between the founding members of a company with the rest of the team by these conversations. We, at Ilantus, believe in this philosophy. Thus, we have a practice, almost a ritual of sorts called Breakfast with the CEO. Here, our CEO, Binod Singh meets 2-3 of members of our workforce in a casual informal setting to simply sit together for breakfast.

As simple as this sounds, a cup of coffee can brew ideas that grueling brainstorming sessions may fail to produce. This is no way a gathering with an agenda in place, neither is there a topic of discussion. It is simply a place where thoughts are exchanged without any hierarchy and opinions are shared without judgment. It provides a platform for narrations of stories of one’s life, to understand what each person is beyond their work and beyond their achievements on a sheet of paper

The agenda here is to simply get to know one another better and erase the cumbersome effects of the unfamiliarity. To get know people just as they are and not just as co-workers. Binod says, “This is the most productive meeting of the week for me”. He says that with such conviction as this setting provides for free flow of thoughts as apprehension to produce can take a back seat while creativity takes its place.

This simple setting outside the office walls, interacting without designations, provides an opportunity for candid conversations about everything under the sun. It could be on thoughts about the industry, suggestions for the betterment of the company or just about their personal journeys and about life as it is. These open doors for unreserved conversations and opportunities to discover more about the lives of the people we interact with daily but hardly without a screen or agenda in mind. More than anything it opens doors to imbibe and restore humanness in this digital era.

Breakfast with CEO, a get together to feel heard and bring out creativity over a heart to heart about life.