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Don’t miss this exciting offer from Ilantus! (valid until Jan 31st, 2022)

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Perhaps you’ve been looking for an Access Management (AM) and/or Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution but have only found expensive products that just don’t fit a midsized business’ budget. One reason for inflated prices is most companies pander to large organizations because that’s where most of the big bucks are.

IAM vendors tend to create products with the kind of depth and scope that a 10,000+ user enterprise would need. These brands are not bad per se, but they are engineered for a different kind of customer. Small and medium businesses can neither afford their price tags, nor do they use more than 60% of the functions available.

Clearly, there is a need for a solution that provides just the right stuff and without all the fluff. It ought to be relatively inexpensive as well.

XpressIAM is a unique new promotional offer from industry veteran Ilantus. It cuts right to the chase by providing just the right price and scope for midsized enterprises. Customers can go live with a stable and capable IAM environment in days, not months, and experience a 350% increase in ROI compared to competitor’s products.

Packages starting from 500 users upto 6000 users are available, which include a set number of AM and IGA licenses.

There are other valuable goodies included in the XpressIAM offering.

  • Premium Support from Ilantus: Included in each package is premium support from Ilantus which includes implementation, managed services, trainings, and even some application onboardings every year. Implementation and managed services are an additional expense and complication when adopting IAM. Ilantus has made it easy for customers to go-live and stay live by including OEM premium support in all packages of XpressIAM.
  • Detailed IAM Roadmap: Ilantus will utilize its 20 years of expertise to create a fine-grained roadmap for your short and long term IAM adoption. It will include insights and suggestions on how best to go about your IAM journey, including Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management (PAM), and even Zero Trust.

Ilantus is a hybrid services and product company and started its journey in pure services. It has implemented and managed countless IAM installations since the inception of the domain circa 2000. So, you know you’re getting the best when we implement and manage your environment for you – not to mention that OEM support is always superior to third-party support.

The core product offered in this promotion is Compact Identity: an award winning Converged IAM suite designed from the ground up for midsized enterprises. Converged IAM is a budding new technology where Access Management and light IGA features are combined into a single product and operated from a single dashboard.

Converged products offer myriad benefits over standalone AM or IGA ones. The big kicker is cost and coordination complexities; when you buy different solutions for each technology from different vendors, you pay twice as much and must deal with complications in integration. With a Converged product, you pay much less but also reap the benefits of synergy. For instance:

  • Compact Identity can perform better authentication with additional risk signals generated by its IGA module. It can consider the list of entitlements assigned (IGA) and step-up or step-down authentication based on this (AM).
  • If a user performs multiple unsuccessful logins within a short time (AM), a converged solution can immediately initiate a micro-certification process (IGA).

These are just two examples of the possible synergistic effects of a Converged IAM product.

Ilantus is one of the only 3 vendors currently offering a Converged IAM product, and according to Gartner, is the most fleshed out and complete.

Gartner also says that more than 45% of new IAM implementations by 2023 will be Converged. So, the time to adopt a Converged IAM solution is RIGHT NOW. And XpressIAM is the best way for most organizations to start their IAM journey.

For around 1/4th market cost, XpressIAM customers can enjoy not only Access Management but IGA as well. Of course, this is assuming that the competitor’s product is Converged. But there’s next to no truly Converged products on the market besides Compact Identity (it’s the plain truth). If you buy Access Management and IGA separately from different vendors, you could end up paying almost 6-7 times more. And you will still be getting a product which is some stuff and a lot of fluff! Aside from burning a hole in your pocket, those products simply offer poor ROI. Compact Identity is different; you get more than what you pay for.

Check out XpressIAM today.

Or if you just want to jump right in, schedule a call with one of our professionals.

Hurry! The offer ends on Jan 31st, 2022!

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