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Fertilizing Your Homegrown HR System with Quality Identity and Access Management.


So, your SMB has a homegrown or non-standard HR system. Its built for your needs and suits you perfectly. What you need now is an Identity and Access Management solution that can integrate with this seamlessly and deliver high-powered performance within your budget.

ILANTUS’ Compact Identity is the solution for you.

Built from the ground-up for SMBs, this awesome all-in-one IAM suite sports feature rich Single Sign-On, extensive Password Management, and simple Access Governance and User Lifecycle Management. Other solutions simply refuse to integrate with your HR system. They are also bloated in features and not suitable for your size of business. You can find all kinds of things in them that you do not need – and that you pay through the nose for. This is not to mention that all this excess slows down implementation and is confusing and overly complex – especially since an SMB’s IT department is usually small.

Compact Identity can integrate with your custom HR system. It is also engineered specifically for your size of business – it has exactly what you think you need (and more – what we know you will need!) and nothing more and nothing less. The cost is a fraction of what you might pay other vendors for solutions that are convoluted and not made with your requirements in mind. The solution can be implemented within a week! Most other solutions take a good few months!

Compact Identity also sports an inbuilt identity store that pulls data from your non-standard HR systems. Other vendors charge extra for this. Because we know that this is an essential feature that integrates an Identity and Access Management system with your architecture, ILANTUS includes this feature for free in your Compact Identity subscription.

This is the only solution of its kind in the industry. Tailored to your segment, agile, and backed by ILANTUS stellar customer service – Compact Identity really is the last word in Identity and Access Management for small and medium businesses.