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Future of Mobility and IAM


Gartner predicts that by 2017, employer mobility management integration could be a critical IAM requirement for 40 % of customers, up from less than 5% these days.

IAM leaders can anticipate enterprise mobility management (EMM) and traditional windows laptop control disciplines to move through three waves in the course of the next five to seven years, going from diverged solutions to converged solutions with separate control strategies, and in the end to converged equipment and procedures.

“More enterprises could adopt a bring your own identity (BYOI) approach for allowing customers and workforces to use their social identities, thereby improving user experience and opportunity to leverage social relationships for marketing purposes,” said Anmol Singh, principal research analyst at Gartner.

In light of center stage that is being taken by mobility device its usage in IAM has to be made smooth. One will need to provide user experience that is derived from the way mobile UX operates. This experience needs to be not only replicated in IAM solutions like SSO on the mobile device but also on desktops/laptops. In other words applications like SSO that are used by all users must provide experience that replicate mobile phones and should be extended across non mobile devices too.

By Raunak Verma
Account Manager