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Have you found the real cost of IDaaS?

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IDaaS (Identity as a Service) is rapidly converting to a “Promised Land” for Identity Management users. Promising to be the panacea of all the pains undergone in the deployment of traditional IAM solutions, IDaaS has come like a breath of fresh air. But like any new exciting break-through in the IT industry, IDaaS also can be a mirage and can lead to a big disappointment unless the hidden costs are understood. Here are a few points to note:

1. How much can it do? Do you still need your traditional IAM solutions to supplement the IDaaS solution? For example, does your IDaaS solution cover all the use-cases of User Provisioning & Access Governance? If not, then you will be adding more to your costs than deleting as the current solution deployment will continue in spite of investing in IDAAS

2. Are the identity solutions like SSO in the cloud really working out cheap, as understood at the time of purchase? At $2 per user per month, the cost of 3000 users will be $72,000 per year and you will be spending a staggering $360,000 in five years with just been able to single sign to web-applications. CFOs are already beginning to question these costs.

3. If you are going to use IDaaS for provisioning & governance (considering they are available from the vendor) who is going to customize, operate, maintain & troubleshoot the proposed system? If the vendor is going to just give you the software (which is largely the case as most vendors have little or no experience of services), you need to add the cost of customization, day-to-day operations and maintenance on top of the software subscription price.

4. Is your vendor going to provide you with the solutions to all you need in the next 3 to 5 years or is he going to stick to commodity solutions like SSO and basic provisioning?

You need to examine these questions very thoroughly to get the REAL COST of your IDaaS Solution.