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Hybrid Identity – Best-in-breed Managed Services for an evolving user world


While new forms of Identity & Access Management (IDaaS, Identity As a Service) are taking root, customers using traditional IAM technologies (IBM, CA, Oracle, Sail Point and RSA) remain in flux. They are unhappy with the rising cost and slow state of growth of their IAM deployments. They have no other options as most current IDaaS technologies do not provide the same functionality. Replacing the solutions is also not sensible as investments have already been made.

Ilantus’ Hybrid Identity assists such organizations in a number of ways. For example, if you want to enrich your existing technology (IBM, CA, Oracle, RSA), we do this with our own (or other) solutions. We can manage your IDM deployment daily. If you would like to add additional features and functions of IDaaS (examples: Rapid Deployment SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication) or transition through a phased migration plan to this new generation in Identity Management, Hybrid Identity is a best-in-breed solution to accomplish this. With 18 years of experience in deploying and managing traditional IAM technologies and 6 years in IDaaS, Ilantus is your best option for Managed Services.