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Identity Governance, IBM & SAP


After years of being a legend, IBM is finally beginning to move with Access Governance features. Through the acquisition of Cross Ideas, IBM has brought its Identity Management Technology (ISIM) in line with some of the best.

But most still don’t know that IBM’s Access Governance has something special for SAP customers.

SoD (Segregation of Duties) was a Cross Ideas (company IBM acquired) strength for SAP customers. Now IBM has refined this original Cross Ideas feature to serve the needs of SAP customers, providing IBM SAP customers with Access Governance and saving them thousands of dollars that they had to spend on complex technologies such as SAP GRC.

Ilantus is the only partner of IBM that worked with Cross Ideas even before the acquisition.

As a trusted IBM partner and with an “SAP Innovation Lab,” Ilantus understands SAP and works with IBM technology that is easy to implement and support.