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ILANTUS – An Angel of IAM

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Ilantus has stayed true to its name. Derived from the ‘Ailanthus’ tree which is known to survive and thrive in tough conditions, Ilantus exists today as a guardian of IAM.

In the age of information, pirates now travel digitally rather than by land or by sea. Their bounty – data and not gold. Mutiny (access and data leaks) is also always a possibility.

How would businesses safeguard themselves against these threats? Who would provide protection?

In 2000, we decided that we would. We grew with the problems as well as with the solutions. We know the domain.

Fast-forward to 2018, Ilantus is perhaps the most experienced IAM company around and offers solutions for every kind of business. We are innovative, reliable, and capable. Whatever the menace, Ilantus has a silver bullet for it.