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Critical Challenges with Cloud IAM – Here’s the Perfect Solution

Critical Challenges with Cloud IAM

The Cloud Computing World
Cloud computing is the name of the game these days, and it has matured to a level where it is not only viable and reliable but already in adoption by more than 94% of organizations. Yes, you might think that cloud computing came about only a few years ago and that it is still a developing technology, but it has already matured and your organization most likely already uses it for numerous functions.

How Cloud IAM Measures Up
How about IAM in the cloud, though? Typical cloud IAM offerings present their customers with many difficulties. However, these challenges are not due to limitations in technology. They exist because the industry has yet to see a top-dog vendor that engineers products not just based on industry trends, but also by looking closely at customer requirements and innovating in accordance.

Hybrid Offerings Veiled as Pure-cloud
While Access Management features such as Single Sign-On, Password Management are mature in most SaaS delivered IAM products, and their IGA capabilities are weak at best. Those that do offer mature IGA, often, integrate on-premise IGA solutions with their cloud access management solutions. The benefits of cloud computing: improved mobility, reduced costs from relatively inexpensive and shared server space, scalability, and improved security (Microsoft Azure’s annual spending on securing the platform is over $1 Bn. every year) are lost in such IGA deployments. Even industry analysts like Gartner confirm that IGA offerings in the cloud are not mature at the moment.

Ilantus’ Pure-cloud Answer
Ilantus’ Compact Identity is a powerful, full-suite IAM solution with comprehensive IGA capabilities. The solution is genuinely pure-cloud, feature rich, and possesses IGA capabilities that other SaaS-delivered IAM vendors cannot match. It also solves other typical challenges that customers face with cloud-IAM subscriptions.

Industry Cloud IAM Products Offer Poor Support for Legacy Apps
SaaS-delivered IAM solutions in 2019 are yet to offer seamless support for legacy apps. There are two possible situations a customer can encounter:

  • Very little to no legacy app support. The customer must find some alternative to secure these apps
  • Roundabout integration or utilizing third-party products. Even industry leaders such as Microsoft and Okta only offer legacy app support that involves purchasing partner products.

Most Cloud IAM Products Force You to Share the DevOps Burden
This is a problem for two reasons. First, you will need to find and recruit skilled employees with IAM DevOps skills. The second, as an extension of the first, is the requirement to have any IAM exclusive employees at all. Persons with such skills are not easy to find and recruit and add to your bottom line in terms of operating costs.

Ilantus’ Cloud Offerings Completely Own The DevOps Burden
Compact Identity has been engineered and visualized in such a manner that not only is it not required for you to have any personnel with IAM skills, but any lay person can operate the solution to its maximum potential. We handle all the DevOps burden so you can focus, instead, on your mission-critical business objectives. Security should not be a drag or a drain on resources, and it should operate effectively in the background.

A Surprising Burden for Customers
The following is an image from a Gartner report (24 January 2019 ID: G00378701) that shows the division of burden in a typical SaaS-deployed IAM solution today.

As it can be seen, organizations that subscribe to a cloud IAM deployment often must take on many responsibilities in ensuring that their IAM environment is operating seamlessly.

Ilantus Cloud Offerings Minimize the Burden
Ilantus products reduce your burden to a minimum. Target Apps Integration, Target System Health, Bridge Components and Compliance, and Regulatory Checks are all handled by the solution with minimal effort from your business.

There is Risk When Outsourcing Critical Functions such as IAM
If your vendor stops supporting a product, or, god forbid, changes the nature of their business or even closes down, you might be left high-and-dry. With an on-premise purchase, you would at least have a function IAM deployment in your environment that is being maintained by your own staff and would have ample time to look for a new vendor. However, with SaaS-deployed IAM, the day your vendor can no longer support your subscription is the day your entire IAM deployment becomes a liability. This is particularly true for IAM because critical security functions are at stake.

With Ilantus This Risk is Minimal
Ilantus is a premier brand and has a reputation in the industry for consistently providing innovative and reliable IAM or IAM-related solutions for two decades. It has existed since the inception of the IAM industry and has featured in Gartner, Forrester and KuppingerCole magic quadrants numerous times. We know IAM and know how the technology has developed over time. We are confident in our perception of upcoming trends and our ability to adapt. In fact, we are ahead of the curve, responding to developing customer needs before our competitors. With Ilantus as your cloud-IAM vendor, you are as future proofed as you can be.