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Inviting Partners to Accelerate their Growth


ILANTUS is a pioneering force in the identity and Access Management domain. For more than 15 years ILANTUS has been passionately providing unprecedented service to its customers addressing their pain points in record time and at reasonable cost. ILANTUS products have won acclaim from customers across the globe winning all possible recognition, including being in the magic quadrant. According to analysts ILANTUS customers give it high marks for implementation and rapid deployment. With more that 4 patents filed ILANTUS products are unique in the market place.

ILANTUS believes the best way to ensure “atleast one of its products are at all customer locations” partnering in the way. While ILANTUS can focus in its core competency to build, deliver and support best products in the world plus us partners will build market penetration through their existing relationship with customers. ILANTUS objective for their partners is to ensure they are able to improve their sales and profit by investing minimum time and effort.

ILANTUS invites companies delivering managed security solutions, cloud and other value added services in any applications vertical to partner with it to immensely increase their value addition capacity for their existing and new customers.