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Just how important is Single Sign-On to you?

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So, your company provides you with a Single Sign-On tool. Naturally, because we are creatures of habit, there is some resistance to adopting it, but you get over it and then, you are off and running…never even realizing how much you actually enjoy this convenience and how important it is to your work until you lose it.

When you can’t use the tool for whatever reason; when the well-oiled machine stops…

1. Notice – how disoriented you become…trying to remember every unique password to sign on to every application you need to do your work…to keep your part of the company running efficiently.

2. How you input the central password you’ve been using for SSO for a specific application, but of course, it doesn’t work.

3. How many applications and services you have accumulated that must be opened quickly but now must be opened individually.

4. How long it takes when you must remember what password you chose for that application and every other service and application you need to use.

5. The frustration building as you wait and your customer (be it your colleague waiting for information from you or a customer trying to do business with you) waits for you to get them the information they requested from the application you are trying desperately to open “quickly.”

6. What you start doing to remember those passwords now…the risky behavior of perhaps…keeping them on a list or what is you do to remember passwords?

And then, the SSO application is back up and running! And you’re off again…typing in one password and opening all those apps! No frustration, no time wasted, and the machine is well-oiled again with SSO infusion and running at top speed letting you run at top speed.

But, perhaps you are one of the many employees still working in a company that hasn’t deployed such a tool…maybe because you need to access web and legacy apps and the company still hasn’t found the perfect tool at the perfect price to address all the use cases. At ILANTUS, we have an enterprise class tool that handles all types of applications and manages passwords as well. Of course, the tool is increasing its cost during the waiting period as your company pays for frustration, pays for time delays and pays for personnel on the Helpdesk to keep resetting the passwords you have forgotten on all the applications you can no longer access with one single password.

Single Sign-On is a “must have” tool of your trade. Can you survive without it? Like the tomato and the knife story…cutting the tomato with a sharp knife gets the job done smoothly, quickly and easily. Cutting the tomato with a dull edged knife gets the job done but the tomato looks mangled.

So, can you survive without SSO? Sure, you can. But it would have been easier to survive without it in the past. Our applications and services are not shrinking…they are only growing. And with growth, we need a sharpened knife to cut through to the core and do the work we were hired to do.

Just how important is single sign-on to you?

Single Sign-On is very important to me. If this is important to you, and your company is not using SSO, it’s time to let management know how you can add more value to your company with a tool that promotes employee productivity.