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Midsize Organizations are Stuck in the Middle Ages When It Comes to IAM. ILANTUS Pulls the Sword from the Stone.


According to industry analyst Gartner (, the midsize enterprise operational environment is not “a simplified variant of large enterprises. They need most, if not all, of the IT capabilities a large enterprise needs, just at a lesser scale”. Gartner expounds that “midsize enterprises need to execute within the bounds of a limited IT budget (usually less than 20 million.)” The IAM industry is still in the Dark Ages when it comes to midsize organizations. Vendors have been turning a deaf ear to the needs of the segment as it is easier to create generic products than it is to create options. ILANTUS illuminates this black shadow with Compact Identity.

Compact Identity is a revolutionary product that has been created specifically for SMEs and their typically tight pockets. It fulfills all of Gartner’s recommendations for ‘IAM for the midsize sector’ and goes a mile further. Compact Identity is a compressed IAM solution that is not just a ‘simplified variant’ of large enterprise IAM.

Compact Identity sports Single Sign-On, Password Management, User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance modules. Other vendors will require you to purchase multiple products – often from different developers – to meet all your needs. You will typically pay an arm and a leg – and buy features that you do not need and miss out on features that are tailored to your size of organization.

Here are some other facts from Gartner. They say that “1 in 4 midsize enterprises does not have a dedicated information security role in-house” and that “<50 in IT Midsize enterprises are faced with organizational design and staffing limitations (usually fewer than 50 people in IT.)” Compact Identity is built to suit such environments. Due to its simplified user experience and automated architecture, it requires minimal IT skill and personnel involvement to function optimally.

Another fact is that “security is always listed as a primary challenge for midsize enterprises Year on Year.” The challenge is the availability of solutions that fit SME budgets and that are built for them, and not for large enterprises.

One last ringing truth is that “midsize enterprises are increasingly being targeted by advanced attacks from sophisticated hackers.” This is a reality within our ‘age of opportunity’. Large enterprises are no longer the kingpins that they once were – and nor are they any longer the sole target of malicious attacks. Your midsized company is also a potential target. The only solution is to recognize this new landscape and realize that IAM is no longer a luxury.

Finally, Gartner asserts that “’good enough’ security exposes midsize enterprises to unacceptable risk levels; exceeding ‘good enough’ security impacts budgets.” Compact Identity provides ‘good enough’ security with ‘more than enough’ features.

ILANTUS is unique. We care about providing solutions suited to your needs rather than to common, overarching requirements. We honor your uniqueness with Compact Identity.