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State of the Industry and What It Really Should Be Like

The Identity and Access Management industry is running low on trust now. The industry seems to be flourishing, but is everything really chipper? The CEO of of Ilantus reveals that “Only 1% of customers in this industry are getting what they need at the right price. Organizations are not getting their entire IAM problems solved.”
The naked truth is that the industry would not exist if it were not for bad actors. If hackers and cyber-criminals did not exist, there would be no IAM. This is not an industry that is based on providing goods and services that people naturally need or want. It is born out of a dark necessity.
Cybersecurity, IAM included, ought to be an industry that is not centered around making profits – it should be based on what’s right. It should be about good people protecting other good people. It needs guardians who feel passionate about serving the greater good – not businessmen who are after a quick buck. The landscape is upside down now. There seem to be many vendors that are selling great products. But it is just a matter of time before, like the pharmaceutical industry, people start getting riled up about organizations who are not thinking about public betterment but only about profits. And even if that time comes decades from today, it is a matter of principle and ethics that participants in this industry start bearing the flag of goodwill and caring. It is simply absent today.

And Justice For All…

Ilantus was born not of an untapped business opportunity but of the recognition that people need protecting. The Enron scandal and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) that followed were the real cause for the emergence of this industry. The purpose of the act was to “protect shareholders and the public from fraudulent practices in enterprises.” Ilantus recognized not an opportunity to mint money, but a genuine need. We entered the domain with the purpose of setting ourselves about to solve the problem of cybersecurity and fraud. This is why the company has existed as long as it has and despite extreme financial turmoil. We have a vision and a purpose that is meaningful. We want to serve and protect.
Ilantus started out as a service company – implementing solutions from behemoths such as IBM and BMC. In 2012, we felt that the needs of organizations were not being served by the solutions that existed. We start developing our own products. Difficult as it was – especially since we were not doing too well financially at the time – we started moving our resources into creating products that would be genuine cures for the malady of cybercrime.
6 years later, we are now ready with a suite of products that serve pretty much all use-cases. Our solutions have been thoughtfully developed and innovation not for innovations sake – but for keeping ahead of bad actors – has been core to what we have created.
We now say around the office with a smile, ‘round pegs for round holes’ and ‘cybersecurity for everyone and cybersecurity for each’. This is our bloodline – our essence. Organizations and their customers deserve to operate freely for their honest causes of enriching the economy and providing goods and services that people need. We can’t have blackhats running around ruining everything for everyone.
We do not price competitively – we price for your needs. Even the smallest of organizations can afford our products because we want them to. Nobody is ever turned down, and the quality of our service is the same whether you are a small startup or a Fortune 500 company. Our vision is a world where cybercrime is thwarted where it stands, our mission is to provide powerful and cost-effective solutions that suit the needs of different segments, and our goal is to do this quickly and effectively.
We at Ilantus believe in our company and its direction. We know the needs and that we have fickle and determined opponents. We stand to serve and protect and care about what we do.