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‘Only round pegs for round holes’

Ilantus’ philosophy in relation to Identity Management is to shatter the “One size Fits All” attitude that is prevalent in the offerings of most vendors. How can the solution for a pharmaceutical business that requires SSO to machines at the shop floor be the same as the one required for a bank? a small business with 500-1000 employees will have different needs than a 50,000-person corporate giant on ULM or Access Governance.

With its 18 years of experience in Identity & Access Management, Ilantus has developed four different silver-bullet solutions for differing business needs.

Niche Identity™ aims to provide SSO and Password Management for different kinds of industries by offering niche-specific solutions. Compact Identity™ is a complete solution for small-enterprises. Cloud Identity™ is the solution that large and very large enterprises have been waiting for which will replace traditional Identity Management products with advanced Authentication, Password ManagementThick Client single sign-onentitlement based provisioningAccess Recertification.. Hybrid Identity comes handy for customers using traditional IAM technologies, wanting to add more fuel to their deployments.

While fulfilling all possible requirements the product remains extremely easy to configure and use.

Ilantus ‘Priority Support’ is bundled with these solutions. This support has a proven track record with many Fortune 500 and countless SMB customers.

If you have been struggling to find the right Identity Management solution for your needs , your search ends with Ilantus .

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