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Productised Cricket!


Well, who does not know Cricket? One of the most popular games in the world. The roots of cricket goes back to centuries. Cricket has evolved over time. It has taken three major formats – Test, One-day and T20.

If you observe these formats – Test cricket is played for 4-5 days. Cricket lovers have to watch and wait for results. Sometimes no results. Then came the concept of one-day cricket. More exciting mode. Fifty overs per innings. A max of 6 – 8 hours for results. This mode in deed increased the cricket fans. The adoption was more. Then in recent few years T20 – the game changer. With T20 mode of cricket, the game has reached altogether to a new level. Twenty overs per innings. A max of 3-4 hours for the result. It has not only attracted lot of capital to the game but also huge audience. Quick results and the way the game engages spectators with thrill and excitement is making it more addictive. With ODI, test cricket is diminishing. With T20, ODI and Test Cricket are losing the spectators interest.

Spectators do not have time to watch and wait for long time to see the results. They neither want to understand the complexities. End of the day his/her experience with the game is what matters.

On the same lines drawing an analogy between the traditional and new era products, latter one should be like T20. Unlike with the traditional products, customers do not want months of implementation timeframe and then start experiencing the product. Quick turnaround time is essential. New era products should keep end user excited and delighted with its features. The need of the market is “simple and swift”.

At Ilantus our goal is to deliver “simple and swift” products. With the Agile framework, we are able to set up T20 mode for our development and delivery. The process has enabled us to deliver the quality products in fast pace. We also continuously “listen” to our customers. Our internal process has helped us to incorporate customer feedbacks. We want our customer to have a delighted experience with our products.
Note: This blog is with due respect to all formats of Cricket.