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SMEs Finally Have A Suitable IAM Option


Identity and Access Management has been in rapid adoption since its inception over 2 decades ago. The technology keeps evolving (like any IT technology), but it has only started being recognized as an essential, rather than as a luxury, in the last 5-10 years. But, even this refers entirely to large businesses. The needs of small and medium businesses are very much like large businesses. Still, SMEs either do not consider IAM a priority within the constraints of their limited budget or are desperately unable to find a solution that is really worth the investment.

What makes an IAM solution desirable in a broad context? The B2B space is not exempt from the allure of choosing solutions from market leaders simply because it requires less thinking and less selling to get approval. It is commonly believed that: reputation, reliability, recommendation from industry analysis, and how ‘cutting edge’ the technology is, is what makes it a good choice. But, anyone that switched from Windows to Mac can tell you that market cap can be a very poor indicator of product quality. The only reason people still use Windows is that everyone else uses Windows…Mac products are far superior in software and hardware quality, and Mac viruses are rare as hen’s teeth while Windows viruses are ‘another day at work’.

How can know who is the right vendor?

What proves an IAM solution to be of quality is how well it solves its customers’ needs and at what price point. The truth is, most popular IAM solutions are simply not engineered for SMEs. The solutions are crafted to be ‘one-size-fits-all’, and the size of choice is chosen by catering to the highest bidder. In business, it makes sense to make a solution for IBM or Nestle and try to resell it to others despite a poor fit, than to make one that suits 1000 businesses with a collective revenue that is not even 10% of a sale to IBM. But that does not mean that this is the right development philosophy for the majority of the customers, nor that the solution would be right for them either.

For instance, IBM might have the resources to move its entire IT infrastructure to the public cloud, ripping-and-replacing all its older apps for new, cloud-ready ones. But hardly any other business can afford, or would even want or need to do something so radical. The truth is that most businesses still use a large number of on-premise, thick-client, or legacy apps in tandem with cloud computing. But, not one of the ‘top Identity and Access Management solutions’ offers a clean and effortless way in which their solution can integrate such apps. This means that your organization will have numerous apps left out of the SSO or Password Management system that have to be handled separately, which, to a significant extent, contradicts the very purpose of the solution.

Our solution that caters to every need

Ilantus products answer this challenge in the SME segment. We have the only patented thick-client SSO technology that currently exists, and our products are engineered from the ground up to solve critical needs of various sizes and segments of businesses, SMEs included.

For instance, SMEs find it tenuous, if not near impossible, to hire and retain IAM staff to maintain an IAM solution due to the severe shortage of experts in the field. This mandates that the solution be operable without expertise, right from installation to day-to-day management. Our products are designed to be used without any IAM training.

SMEs also require technologies that can perform a risk assessment and deliver advice on various IAM-related actions because they lack highly trained staff. SMEs today need the critical security that SSO and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) provide, and can experience significantly improved processes and bottom lines due to improved processes (for example, offered by Self-service, unassisted Password Management). At current market-leader prices, however, budgets would typically only allow a small part of the entire range of IAM offerings to be acquired. This is unfortunate. Ilantus products, however, are designed to offer almost every single IAM function possible as a bundle. Each function provides appropriate depth for small and medium businesses.

In today’s world, where it is not uncommon for businesses to utilize more than 30-40 core applications for everyday operations, ready integration with practically any app is also essential. High ROI and low implementation times are also a must. Ilantus products offer all this.

The SME segment has real benefits to gain from IAM technology, and to an extent, these businesses require (at least) some components of the technology as much as it is necessary to have an anti-virus. But, products are all designed to sell, not designed for value, and certainly not designed for value to the SME segment. Ilantus products solve real challenges and are a top answer to SME IAM needs.

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