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Ilantus is a thought leader in IAM. Having been around for over 18 years, we know what makes or breaks a solution or its implementation.
We are innovators. We have created the first full-fledged solution for SMBs (Compact Identity), the first true Pay-As-You-Consume pricing scheme and the smartphone-like UI that ships with our products is an industry first. We hold a patent for SSO to thick-clients – another industry first.

Reliable and trustworthy, conscientiousness is one of our hallmarks. We feel that security and dependability are synonymous.

We believe that bottom-line-mindedness should be left in cobwebs. Instead, we gain direction from our clients and use feedback to improve and relentlessly redesign. Delighting customers is something that excites us.

The Ilantus School of Thought is one of passion, perseverance and pragmatism. To us, this paradigm is paramount.