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Three Ways to filter IAM vendor and service providers


While the Identity market is still defining itself, in terms of products, services and vendors, IDaaS (Identity and Access Management-as-a-service) has already become the next exciting thing in this market. Exercising due diligence in the selection of IAM vendor and technology becomes fairly significant factor in such situations.
3 simple tips for evaluating service providers and product vendors:
Buyer specific vendor and technology selection –
Technologies and vendor with lower marks often suite you more; it depends on what you are looking for?
For example – Looking for a commodity solution like SSO (Single Sign-On) and deeper functionality of governance and administration requires two completely different type of vendors.
Better deliverability of core functionality –
Vendors may show up their shining armor in their hyped up functionality on BYOD, Mobility, Big Data etc.; Question is can they support functionalities of administration and governance that is beyond skin deep?
For example – Provisioning to active directory and cloud applications may not be sufficient when you need approval for workflows and enterprise application connectors for your needs.
IDaaS leveraging Managed Services –
Organization have often failed in deploying and sustaining Identity Management not because of the product but their inability to deploy and manage. IDaaS does not necessarily take that away! So watch out for failing a second time as you select a vendor/ technology since some of the ground rules for success and failure remain the same.