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5 Elements You Need to Look for in a CIAM Platform


What will a happy customer lead to? Goodwill, reputation, profitability, brand recognition, excellent market standing, and more. However, let’s address a fact here. We live in a competitive world. The task of keeping the customer happy and coming back to your brand only isn’t the easiest task.

Our previous blog about Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) entails how a CIAM solution is beneficial for organizations looking to provide their customers with a seamless experience and securing their data and information.
In this read, we’ll talk about the components that make for a good CIAM platform.

5 Essential components to choose a CIAM platform

#1 Undisturbed security:

Frequent glitches in security drift customers away. Ensure your CIAM platform has frictionless security and customers are assured that their data is protected. Achieving optimal security should not really be a difficult task. For instance, simple protocols such as opting for layered authentication such as Two Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication, taking proactive steps in securing API, etc. will assist in glitch-free security. It is also important to ensure that customer experience does not get disturbed in the process of providing undisturbed security.

#2 High scalability:

A robust CIAM platform should offer the capability of meeting high, unexpected customer demand. Say, you run an e-mail campaign and it is very well received by the customers. Your website now has a high spike in traffic owing to a high number of customer visits. So, even when there is an unexpected rise in traffic, the CIAM platform shouldn’t crash or slow down. It should ideally automatically scale to manage the increased traffic. Also, when your CIAM platform offers scalability, you are more than ready to receive customer visits, demands, and requests as a result of a successful campaign, ad, or event.

#3 Regulatory compliance:

No matter how robust your CIAM platform is, when you possess certificates that signify you are compliant with mandatory regulations, customers will trust your organization. Ensure your CIAM is compliant with regulatory compliances such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s recently passed data privacy law (CCPA), and other security standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Customers worry the most about their data privacy. Adherence to regulatory compliance shows customers that their data is safe and full privacy of their information is assured.

#4 Customer behavior analytics (CBA):

What ensures a customer stays put with your brand? Understanding your customer, his preference, and interaction with your brand, in and out. It, however, becomes exceedingly difficult to track every customer’s engagement with your brand. You might as well leverage digitization and opt for customer behavior analytics (CBA).

CBA essentially tracks the customer behavior and enables the organization to evaluate the preferences, buying/ browsing patterns, and channels customers interact with. So, it is profitable to choose a CIAM platform that integrates customer behavior analytics.

#5 Seamless customer experience:

You may deploy an efficient CIAM solution. However, if it is complex and customers have a hard time interacting with it, you will drift away your customers even if it’s the best solution in the market. An ideal CIAM solution should be designed to give a seamless customer experience. Your CIAM model should offer API integration, privacy management, advanced analytics, customer life cycle management, among other critical CIAM capabilities as per the industry standards.

CIAM foothold is stronger than ever!

Organizations around the world have very well understood the importance of retaining their customers. This has led to the high adoption of CIAM solutions.

According to a report by KuppingerCole analysts, CIAM solutions that came up and about in the 2010s are now considered the key to digital transformation.

Martin Kuppinger, principal analyst at Kuppingercole once tweeted, “ CIAM is IAM at scale + customer experience. KYC is CIAM + governance + customer interaction. CIAM is KYC for Techies”

Given how most organizations today have adopted absolute customer-centricity, it would be fair to say a good CIAM solution is and will become an integral deployment of every organization, regardless of its size and nature of business.

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