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What does passion mean to you?


You, like everyone else, ache for that one vision in your mind and to see it fulfilled. You imbibe it, hold it as close to you as possible to one day see it soar. This entity, which takes life within you and breathes in you is called passion. Passion is what drives people to go beyond norms and what is plausible to create something magnificent. To make a creative living for yourselves and more than anything, enjoy this journey of life filled with passion.

In theory, it sounds like a wonderful space to be in, but, as you go about this journey, the winds change. The journey that you planned for yourself, is no more the same, the paths have changed and so have you. Life brings up obstacles and challenges which can only be faced with a brave heart. The point to remember is that the destination remains the same, it is the same goal, the very same vision that you saw for yourself but maybe a few more years added to it or may even be a different version of it.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the mindset to strive through this, they tend to deter from their goal, threatened by the obstacles. But, what if you are a mother with a child who is choking with no transport to help your cause, will you throw your hands in the air and let the situation stay as it is? Or will you create and find new means to help your child. Come what may, if a child’s life is at stake, a mother will always find a way. Such should be one’s dedication to their passion and such should be the case every day with passionate living.

You must take what comes to you, and declare to the universe that this is now my path. The, will you let the passion die? No, because the ownership and responsibility are yours and yours alone. When you are on this journey of determination to see it through, there is no room for factors such as noncooperation by others, lack of resources and so on. If Person A is not willing to help your cause, then Person B might, if not, then Person Z. If all else fails you must be your own person and make it happen. Because, who else, if not for yourself to do justice to you?

It is simply a matter of what you believe is critical to you. If you are passionate about the cause, new doors will open automatically.

Be it whichever aspect of life, when you take the ownership of something, giving up is simply not the option. It harms no one but you. Lack of cooperation by people or even the universe which you might sometimes believe is trying to conspire against you (because we are all a bit self-entitled, aren’t we? To think the universe has a dedicated timeline for us!) simply aren’t reasons enough to give up.

This very same philosophy is the stronghold of Ilantus. To have survived the dot com meltdown, then, later on, pushed through the ups and downs of the business, it has thrived and how!

Today, Ilantus stands proudly as a company with breakthroughs and is changing the IAM industry beyond its conventional ways. The reason behind the stubborn survival of Ilantus is because it is a product of pure passion. And this very passion which is instilled in the minds of the people of Ilantus is the one which is going to make it break barriers and soar higher.