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Who has access to what?


Enterprises across the world are trying to remain focused on their core business, the challenge “who has access to what application and data resource within an organization” is arguably one of the most complex issues facing business today. As most of the application become cloud based SaaS, security and compliance challenges grows in the organization, more employees, contractors, outsource providers requires access to more complex and critical applications and data resources, the need for efficient access also grows.

Any mistake in who has access to what application, could lead to strict penalties and loss of reputation. All types of organizations needs much greater visibility into who can access their key resources and how. The goal of identifying “who has access to what” give you the view and control that is reliable and relatively easy to manage.

When you have information such as who has accounts on what systems, when those accounts were last used, what the accounts have permissions, and who has responsibility for approving the access provided, you will have a platform from which to spot vulnerable accounts(orphan accounts stale accounts) & excessive access and to determine what to do to resolve these issues.

There should be some mechanism that allows business managers supervisors to periodically verify employee rights across heterogeneous systems. This process should ensure that only appropriate individuals have access to the sensitive information. This process will improve improved regulatory compliance and reduces information security risk.