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The Four Benefits of Automating Access Provisioning

automating access provisioning

A growing company is always on a hiring-spree. The management looks forward to having new employees who can bring in fresh ideas, skills, and perspectives to help the business grow. However, the process of onboarding a new employee is complex and certainly, easier said than done.

The onboarding process, known as ‘Access Provisioning’ in the IAM domain, starts with the company’s IT team and Human Resources collaborating for a new user account creation, password management, granting permissions, and e-mail authorizations.

Access provisioning is a complex process and has a rather long turn around time. Employees can often feel frustrated as he/she is willing to begin work but half-baked Access Provisioning processes hold him/her back.

Nonetheless, Access Provisioning is extremely important for an organization as it gives the new employee clarity on his roles and accesses. It also simplifies access governance and enables seamless security compliance.

If such obvious benefits are not incentives by themselves, here’s a closer look for you. 

The Four Benefits of Automated Access Provisioning

1.  Better Security Within the Organization
One employee requires access to multiple applications. As you opt for automated access provisioning, employees can single sign-on to all their applications with just one secure credential, authenticated with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Single sign-on enforces stringent access security policies. The users must access, and the administrators must manage applications in tune with these policies.

This process brings in better security within the organization, eases access governance, and significantly prevents unauthorized access.

2.  Increases IT Operational Efficiency
Every organization’s IT department works 24/7 to ensure security within the organization.
Oracle rightly states that the IT department feels the heat during user provisioning. If the provisioning process is not automated, new-hires could spend numerous unproductive hours or days waiting to get access to key applications and resources.

Provisioning solutions automate onboarding new hires, transfers, promotions, etc. by corresponding to the data HR, CRM, and email systems.

So, automated access provisioning systematically streamlines the duties of the IT department and enhances the over-all IT operational efficiency within the organization.

The points mentioned above are referred from Gartner, a leading analyst’s definition of ‘user provisioning’. 

3.  Systematic Workflows
Automated access provisioning workflows include creating processes and integrating them with access governance, single Sign-on, the HR systems, etc.

For instance, if two new employees, one for the technical team and one for the sales team are on-boarded, the IT and HR need not carry on two different processes for two different employees.

The pre-determined workflows will help in seamlessly creating their accounts, granting accesses for their respective roles, and monitor their accesses.

4.  Improved employee productivity
According to the O.C.Tanner report, 24% of millennials have worked at 5 or more organizations mostly because millennials often feel underutilized, stagnant, stressed out, and bored at work.

Employees today don’t shy away from job-hopping if they don’t feel a sense of achievement or remain demotivated.

If employees quit because they have waited long enough for access and permissions to commence their work or are generally frustrated with their work experience, it is a loss that can potentially crush a business.

Therefore, automated access provisioning enables employees to be productive from day one. In fact, according to dynamicsignal, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.

Access Provisioning with Ilantus
Our 20+ years of IAM expertise means that we not only understand that quick new hire provisioning leads to greater organizational productivity, but also facilitates the seamless practice of this understanding.

Our service, New Hire Provisioning as a Service is an easy deployment model that can be set up within just a few weeks. You can easily on-board new employees and define business rules for birth-right accesses with our intuitive interface.

The highlights of New Hire Provisioning as a Service are-
• Easy-to-setup process
• Complete visibility of who has access to what system at anytime
• Seamless security and compliance

Connect with us at and know more about how you can automate access provisioning within your organization.