Xpress Sign-On for BPO

A smarter way to work where productivity meets convenience

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  • Work with any Kind of Applications
  • On-board an app in less then 2 min.
  • Continue to use your enterprise Portal
  • See you favourite apps easily
  • Do not use any Password
  • Compliance and Reporting Capabilities
  • Integration with traditional IAM Products

One User | One Password | One Logon

Thick Client Single Sign-On

Xpress Sign-On comes with powerful desktop login utility which completely eliminates the need to log into your browser to perform SSO for the Thick client.

Cross Browser Sessions

Xpress Sign-On provides cross browser feature to support seamless navigation of conservative web applications to open in preferred browsers.

Intelligent DIY Wizard

On-board unlimited applications with the intelligent Do-It-Yourself wizard including support for multi-page application login.



By synchronizing ILANTUS Product and PeopleSoft, the existing HR software, all 28,500 users were able to be auto registered into Password Express and ensure that everyone was seamlessly using the new password management tool.


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