Browser Preference: another SSO unique IDaaS Next feature from ILANTUS

By October 5, 2017 No Comments

Description: Browser Preference allows a user to associate his/her preferred browser with any SSO application. With Browser Preference, a user gets the choice to do SSO to authorized business applications via a browser of his/her choice.

Example: If a user has access to Salesforce application, then user can decide whether Salesforce can be launched in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.

Is it mandatory for a user to select/specify a preferred browser?

No. if no browser is specified then user system’s default browser will be honored.

If legacy applications are optimized to run in a specific browser then what happens if a user selects another browser as a preference?

Administrator can place a note/recommendation while on-boarding the application and indicate the intended browser to be used.  Same note/recommendation will be presented to the user when he/she associates preferred browser with the application.

Is Browser Preference available to the users by default?

No. Browser Preference is available to the users only if administrator enables it.

Auto launch: ILANTUS continuous with SSO exclusive feature on IDaaS. An excellent way to enable users that will get login time to zero.

Description: Auto-launch allows a user to decide which applications (both Web and Thick) should be launched as soon as the SSO session is created.  With Auto-launch, user does not have to explicitly click on the application to do SSO.  User can not only select the applications for Auto-launch, they can also define the sequence of the applications in which they should be launched.

Is Auto-launch available to the users by default?

No. Auto-launch is available to the users only if administrator enables it.