ILANTUS – An Angel of IAM

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ILANTUS has stayed true to its name. Derived from the ‘Ailanthus’ tree which is known to survive and thrive in tough conditions, ILANTUS exists today as a guardian of IAM.

In the age of information, pirates now travel digitally rather than by land or by sea. Their bounty – data and not gold. Mutiny (access and data leaks) is also always a possibility.

How would businesses safeguard themselves against these threats? Who would provide protection?

In 2000, we decided that we would. We grew with the problems as well as with the solutions. We know the domain.

Fast-forward to 2018, ILANTUS is perhaps the most experienced IAM company around and offers solutions for every kind of business. We are innovative, reliable, and capable. Whatever the menace, ILANTUS has a silver bullet for it.

The ILANTUS School of Thought

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ILANTUS is a thought leader in IAM. Having been around for over 18 years, we know what makes or breaks a solution or its implementation.
We are innovators. We have created the first full-fledged solution for SMBs (Compact Identity), the first true Pay-As-You-Consume pricing scheme and the smartphone-like UI that ships with our products is an industry first. We hold a patent for SSO to thick-clients – another industry first.

Reliable and trustworthy, conscientiousness is one of our hallmarks. We feel that security and dependability are synonymous.

We believe that bottom-line-mindedness should be left in cobwebs. Instead, we gain direction from our clients and use feedback to improve and relentlessly redesign. Delighting customers is something that excites us.

The ILANTUS School of Thought is one of passion, perseverance and pragmatism. To us, this paradigm is paramount.

ILANTUS – IAM’s Magic Well

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You threw a dime in the wishing well. “IAM that’s made for me” you thought.
Wish no more.

SMBs that have wanted a comprehensive IAM package that costs less can now delight in ILANTUS’ Compact Identity.

Large and medium businesses that desired the power of the Public Cloud in their IAM solution can pray for something else instead. Cloud Identity fulfils.

Businesses in Pharma, Manufacturing, BPO and Banking can sigh in relief as their industry specific IAM requirements have been solved with Niche Identity

If you went to IBM, CA, Oracle or RSA to purchase IAM – but don’t want to wait forever and a day to have the solution implemented, Hybrid Identity implements, governs, and even enhances these solutions for you.

Save your dimes. Do IAM the right way with ILANTUS Smart Identity™ solutions.

Helen of Troy solves its identity challenges with ILANTUS’ Niche Identity

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Helen of Troy, a leading global consumer products company, has been using ILANTUS Single-Sign On and Password Management since late 2016 to provide seamless application access to 1800 users.

Employees at Helen of Troy have been accessing applications such as Oracle EBS, Outlook, Workday etc. using a single set of credentials, thanks to our solution.

Password reset requests through an IT help desk can be an expensive affair. Helen of Troy cut their costs significantly. They have achieved superior user experience and improved productivity by eliminating the need to manage multiple credentials for different applications.

Helen of Troy has leveraged the following capabilities of ILANTUS’ Niche Identity solution:

Single Sign-On: a powerful technology that enables seamless and secure access to any web-based, on-premise or cloud application from any device, and to thick clients – anytime and anywhere.

Password Management: a nifty and robust solution for managing passwords.

About ILANTUS, Helen of Troy says:

ILANTUS was chosen in comparison to other Single Sign-On vendors. We based this on our pre-sales experience and their cost-effective model, ILANTUS has been flexible in responding to challenges and meeting special requests within our budget. We have been very impressed with ILANTUS’ positive attitude towards the project and how they assisted us with internal timelines that we needed to meet as a company. We look forward to a continuing relationship with ILANTUS.

About Helen of Troy:

Founded in 1968, Helen of Troy (NASDAQ: HELE) is a leading global consumer products company that offers creative solutions for customers through a diversified portfolio of well recognized and widely trusted brand, including: OXO®, Good Grips®, OXO tot®, Hydro Flask®, Vicks®, Braun® and Honeywell®


ILANTUS Technologies is an Information Technology company specializing in the Identity and Access Management domain. Industry analyst Gartner defines what we do as a “security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.” Since the domain’s inception and the formation of ILANTUS in the year 2000, Gartner has recognized ILANTUS multiple times as a distinguished player in the game.

Hybrid Identity – Best-in-breed Managed Services for an evolving user world

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While new forms of Identity & Access Management (IDaaS, Identity As a Service) are taking root, customers using traditional IAM technologies (IBM, CA, Oracle, Sail Point and RSA) remain in flux. They are unhappy with the rising cost and slow state of growth of their IAM deployments. They have no other options as most current IDaaS technologies do not provide the same functionality. Replacing the solutions is also not sensible as investments have already been made.

ILANTUS’ Hybrid Identity assists such organizations in a number of ways. For example, if you want to enrich your existing technology (IBM, CA, Oracle, RSA), we do this with our own (or other) solutions. We can manage your IDM deployment daily. If you would like to add additional features and functions of IDaaS (examples: Rapid Deployment SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication) or transition through a phased migration plan to this new generation in Identity Management, Hybrid Identity is a best-in-breed solution to accomplish this. With 18 years of experience in deploying and managing traditional IAM technologies and 6 years in IDaaS, ILANTUS is your best option for Managed Services.

‘Only round pegs for round holes’

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ILANTUS’ philosophy in relation to Identity Management is to shatter the “One size Fits All” attitude that is prevalent in the offerings of most vendors. How can the solution for a pharmaceutical business that requires SSO to machines at the shop floor be the same as the one required for a bank? a small business with 500-1000 employees will have different needs than a 50,000-person corporate giant on ULM or Access Governance.

With its 18 years of experience in Identity & Access Management, ILANTUS has developed four different silver-bullet solutions for differing business needs.

Niche Identity™ aims to provide SSO and Password Management for different kinds of industries by offering niche-specific solutions. Compact Identity™ is a complete solution for small-enterprises. Cloud Identity™ is the solution that large and very large enterprises have been waiting for which will replace traditional Identity Management products with advanced Authentication, Password ManagementThick Client single sign-onentitlement based provisioningAccess Recertification.. Hybrid Identity comes handy for customers using traditional IAM technologies, wanting to add more fuel to their deployments.

While fulfilling all possible requirements the product remains extremely easy to configure and use.

ILANTUS’ ‘Priority Support’ is bundled with these solutions. This support has a proven track record with many Fortune 500 and countless SMB customers.

If you have been struggling to find the right Identity Management solution for your needs , your search ends with ILANTUS .

COMPACT IDENTITY™: Finally! An IAM solution for SMBs!

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ILANTUS’ Compact Identity™ is the ultimate solution for SMBs and asks them to pay only for what they need. It manages the entire Identity Life Cycle – including On and Off boarding, requests for additional accesses through detailed approval processes, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication etc.

IAM has never been so compact!

Full Service Gas Stations and Self-Service Tools

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Does anyone remember Full Service Gas Stations? If you live in the United States, the State of New Jersey still mandates that gas stations be Full Service and not Self-Service. Pull up to the pump, stay in the car, have someone pump the gas, have them take your payment and drive away.

But Full Service didn’t mean that they were fully open 24 hours a day. Many years ago, when Full Service was the norm, I ran out of gas and it was a Sunday and it was Easter Sunday and there was no open gas station to be found. Today, Self-Service changes that…the convenience of accessibility at anytime and anywhere makes it more palatable to lose the luxury of assistance from a human server.

Automation in technology can be a great time saver, more convenient, less expensive and resulting in a higher level of employee productivity and user satisfaction. Self-Service tools such as Password Reset tools can achieve that. But human nature tends to stick with what’s comfortable and familiar. When gas stations were transitioning to Self-Service Pumps, I still looked for the Full-Service Stations…creature of habit and lack of knowledge as to how much more convenient learning how to pump my own gas could be!

ILANTUS Xpress Password is designed with such a user in mind…making it as user friendly and as comfortable to use as possible. We respond to customer feedback and adjust to meet those needs. However, our users face the same challenge with this and other technology tools: although they may lose time waiting for the Service Desk to help reset a password, it is still a comfortable and familiar way to get a reset: letting others handle it as they have before. So, when our organization introduces a self-service tool and expect the Service Desk to be relieved of its reset volume, management is surprised when that doesn’t change! And leadership is disappointed when the company doesn’t achieve the expected ROI.

Hopefully the company has selected the right robust tool with a clean interface, well worded communications and one that resolves the password issues quickly. However, humans will be using the tool and we need to consider that the self-service password management solution might not have been configured and deployed with the users in mind. People and work cultures are unique.

With that in mind, organizations need to help their unique company community embrace the “self” in self-service. ILANTUS Xpress Password has features and guides to assist companies with the “self” in self-service. For instance, it’s worth the time to customize alerts and messages from the tool; to remind users how to use the tool and when to use the tool; to use company branding; to get feedback; to know when these users are most likely to call for help and circumvent that with good messaging.

At ILANTUS, we believe our solution will make a significant difference. However, the value of the tool is in its use, not purchase, implementation and deployment. The value is in stewarding users…cultivating users so that they use the tool.


Who controls the ROI on your password management tool?

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Passwords are our primary defense against unauthorized access. Password Management  products keep our guard up and safe.

According to GCN (Technology, Tools and Tactics for the Public Sector), Identity and Access Management tools have the highest ROI among cybersecurity technologies. Password Management falls into this category and becomes one of the most visible technologies in an organization. ILANTUS’s newest version of Xpress Password with Self-Service Remote Access and Registration-less Self-Service has increased the ROI among our customers.

However, the real ROI is not solely in the technology. The real ROI lies with the users of the technology…they determine your best ROI. It all boils down to performance. And a tool cannot perform without a human using the tool.

Humans managing their passwords are critical to the primary defense against unauthorized access. Harvard Business Review found that “Spending millions on security technology can certainly make an executive feel safe. But the major sources of cyber threats aren’t technological. They’re found in the human brain, in the form of curiosity, ignorance, apathy, and hubris. These human forms of malware can be present in any organization and are every bit as dangerous as threats delivered through malicious code.”

When it comes to passwords, we cannot afford to allow a human to not be aware of how to prevent unauthorized access with a password. A study by CSO magazine and the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University found that insiders were the source of “50% of incidents where private or sensitive information was unintentionally exposed.”

The best password investment combines the tool with the human.

To that end, Harvard Business Review suggests that the best cybersecurity investment is investment into better training. Technology is critical. But as the analogy goes in the article, the car is only as good as its driver. We need to train our technology drivers i.e. our employees. We need them to take part in defending unauthorized access. And we need to train them to be aware…notice something that doesn’t look right.

Password Management Tool + Human Investment = ROI

Technology is not the miracle tool. The best approach is in recognizing the importance of human readiness with the tool. The investment is in training our users in what is expected. Technology exists for and is utilized by humans. A significant portion of the ROI in a password management tool is investing in educating the humans on the technology.


Another day, another data breach…are you kidding?!

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Insider breaches…outsider breaches…. breaches are breaches. Both can be serious, and both can be prevented. However, one of these breaches falls back on a company’s leadership and management as a serious breach in trust.

The insider breach is almost more serious in its threat because employees may feel betrayed by their own organization for not being vigilant and taking steps to ensure that former employees are locked out of any system they had access to. And of course, companies prefer to keep the unsettling news quiet because of how unsettled insiders in the organization and outsiders could become. (When Target was breached a few years ago, even though I did not have a Target card that could have been breached, it took me years as an outsider to go back to shopping at Target.)

So, this week we hear that Coca Cola had a data breach by a former employee. And we hear that Sun Trust Bank had a data breach by a former employee and these are the ones we hear about. How many more are being kept under wraps for obvious PR reasons?

The ability to expose any information about a company comes from access. And in order to be secure in order to know that access is appropriate…a company must know who has access to what and check on that access periodically with a secure way of checking.

  • How much information does an employee need to do the job they are assigned to.
  • And how many accesses does an employee have when reassigned…what has been retained but not needed in the new role.
  • And how efficient is the system to shut down those accesses when an employee leaves.

At ILANTUS Technologies, we hear many stories about companies who understand the seriousness of access but may do not take access review seriously enough. Accesses are assigned but then reviewed manually. And here comes the problem with manual review…unintentional mistakes which lead to audit failures.
Risks are inherent in user access simply because people can be vindictive or can make mistakes as the access holders or the access reviewers. The access reviewers have to have a process that is risk free and efficient to ensure each employee has the proper freedom of access to the company and that the company is not at risk because of those accesses.

Many companies look at the automated process as expensive. Expensive compared to what? Expensive as compared to the salary of the manual reviewers. We meet with people who tell us that they don’t want to pay any more than what they currently pay. But how much do those manual reviewers cost the company when mistakes are made, be they unintentional or intentional?

According to Bill Gates:
“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Automation does incur cost. However, the ROI is accuracy, efficiency and security. It also requires a mindset shift. How much more of a mindset shift do you need to prevent your company from hitting the front page in the “Today’s Data Breach Report” section.

There is no doubt that user access reviews can protect a company’s greatest asset…it’s information. Is that worth the risk a manual process can pose or is that worth the determination to find an automated security system to keeps the data doors locked tight because proper accesses are keyed into the security system.

At ILANTUS, we know companies need to engage in secure access management. We’ve been in the Identity and Access Management domain since its inception and have never branched away from this core. We take this seriously. Let us show you how that translates into a system that will work for your company.