Cloud Identity: Access Governance

Grant and govern access
to one of your organizations most valuable assets — its data
Consolidated Access View

Cloud Identity allows admins to get a real-time view of user access across business apps and entitlements. This allows them to take appropriate action if anything unusual is found.

Dormant and Orphan account management

Cloud Identity detects dormant and orphan accounts across business apps and allows admins to do what is needed.

Once detected, an orphan account can be:

1. Assigned to someone based on admin-defined criteria
2. Assigned to someone manually by an admin
3. Suspended or Deleted

Access Review and Recertification

Cloud Identity provides an easy way to run and manage access review and recertification campaigns. This may be done for the organization, for specific roles or for specific apps. You can configure multi-level campaigns that can be scheduled to run on a regular basis. This automates a major ‘regulations and compliance’ activities.