Cloud Identity: SSO
and Password Management

For an evolved user world

Key Features

Federated SSO

Cloud Identity supports SSO to applications that support federated protocols such as SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, etc.

It supports both IdP and SP initiated SSO to apps.



Credential Based SSO

An app can be integrated with Cloud Identity even if it does not support any type of federated protocol. It can be integrated as a 'credentials based application' in a few clicks. This can be done with either with the Enterprise Directory credentials or with app specific credentials.

SSO to Thick Client Applications

Cloud Identity supports SSO to a range of thick client apps such as SAP ECC, Outlook, VPN, Putty, etc., using patented technology which ensures that users require just one solution to access all their apps.



Integrated Window Authentication

Cloud Identity supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). IWA authenticates users against their Windows credentials so that they have seamless access to the solution. This can be done if they are already logged-in to Windows without any further login.

Enterprise Portal Integration

Organizations that have an internal portal for employees to access internal resources can also integrate Cloud Identity’s SSO to the portal easily. This helps improve the adoption of the intranet portal as well as of the SSO solution.



Browser Preference for SSO

Cloud Identity Single Sign-On allows users to associate their preferred browser with any SSO application. With this feature, apps will be launched only in their preferred browsers. This is irrespective of the browser it was originally launched from.

Self- Service Password Change

Cloud Identity allows users to change their passwords themselves.

If authentication is delegated to the Enterprise Directory, changing a password in the solution will result in changing the Enterprise Password.


Self-Service Password Reset and Account Unlock

Cloud Identity allows users to reset forgotten passwords or to unlock their accounts without assistance from a helpdesk. This can be done through verification with alternate factors such as security questions, Email OTPs, SMS OTPs and Soft Tokens.


Password Synchronization

Cloud Identity allows you to sync passwords with apps that have been onboarded so that you only need to remember one password. Contrary to popular belief, using a single password ensures a higher degree of security because users can select a strong password and do not need to write it down to remember it.

Our solution supports this 'password-sync' for most commonly used apps and can also support custom and homegrown ones.