Compact Identity

“Compact Identity” is a solution developed by ILANTUS, a Company that has more than 18 years of experience in Identity and Access Management domain. It solves Identity and Access related issues of Small & Medium Organisations (say, up to 1000 users). It is an end-to-end solution that automates the entire lifecycle of Identity and Access Management; from Single Sign-On to Password Management, from birth right to Access request based account provisioning, and Access Governance for basic audit and compliance.


Economical & Light Weight it is available as a customized solution package that can be installed in less than one day. It has simple and easy maintenance available directly from ILANTUS Managed services. ILANTUS has served more than 30 Fortune Hundred and numerous mid size and SMB customers worldwide.

Foundation Features

  • Easy to use installer

  • Built-In Identity Store

  • Support for Custom User Attributes

  • OOB Integration with microsoft Active Directory

  • Delegated Authentication to Microsoft Active Directory

  • Smartphone style user experience

  • Similar user experience across devices

  • Support for multiple Active Directory server domains

  • App Store

  • Entry level and app level Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Dashboard and Reporting

  • Mobile support


Smartphone Style User Experience

Compact Identity takes the user’s experience to the next level. We have found that customers look for a user-friendly way to access SSO shortcuts.

To enhance your user experience, we have introduced a launchpad. The launchpad is a standalone and native application that can be used to Single Sign On to the onboarded applications and perform other operations such as managing passwords, updating challenge response questions, requesting new access and approving access requests.

The “launchpad” design is based on a smartphone style interface that is intuitive and provides a familiar user experience. Accessed with a single click from the quick launch bar, it is available as soon as a user logs in to their machine to join the domain.

If authentication is delegated to the Active Directory, users do not need to login to Compact Identity after logging into a machine that has joined the domain and can access all their applications directly from the launchpad with a single click.

Support for Custom User Attributes

The Identity Store comes with built-in user attributes and supports the addition, deletion, modification of custom attributes.

Compact Identity supports a variety of display option for the custom attributes such as Text, Password, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, List, Date, etc.


In-built Identity Store

Compact Identity has a built-in Identity Store based on a Non-Relational Database. This Identity Store acts as the central directory of all users and roles created in Compact Identity or in any other source. This allows the solution to be scalable. It also allows organizations to access all functionalities of Compact Identity even if they are not using an Active Directory.

Users may be added to the Identity Store manually by the administrator, by importing users from a CSV file or by importing users from the Active Directory.


Out-of-the-box Integration with Active Directory

Compact Identity comes with an inbuilt connector for Microsoft Active Directory.
This allows organizations to easily onboard people and manage the users and groups of Active Directory from within the Compact Identity solution.

Different modules in Compact Identity connect with the Active Directory to perform different actions. For example, the SSO module can connect to the Active Directory for authentication and authorization purposes.The Lifecycle Management module can connect with the Active Directory for Provisioning / Password Reset / Import User operations.

Compact Identity supports the following operations with Active Directory:
1. Authentication
2. User import as Compact Identity users
3. Group import as Compact Identity roles
4. Org Unit import as Compact Identity roles

5. Account and Group Provisioning & De-Provisioning
6. User Password Change and Reset.
7. User Account Unlock

Easy to use Installer

Implementation time is one of the most expensive factors associated with the purchase of any enterprise solution. ILANTUS IDaaS Next comes with an easy to use installer that deploys all the necessary elements, i.e. an application, DBs, etc for running the solution in your environment. What used to take more than a week can now be finished in an afternoon - enabling customers to go live a lot earlier and save on implementation costs.

Delegated Authentication to Microsoft Active Directory

In addition to authentication against Identity store, Compact Identity also supports user authentication against Microsoft Active Directory.

In this method, user can access IDaaS Next by entering his/her Active Directory credentials. In case auto-login is enabled, user can directly get access to IDaaS Next without having to enter any credentials if user is connected to a domain joined machine.



Support for Multiple Active Directory Server Domains

Compact Identity allows multiple Active Directory server domains to be configured within the same tenant instance of the solution. This allows Administrators to configure features required for different domains to those specific domains.

Similar User Experience Across Devices

Compact Identity provides a consistent user experience across different devices. Users accustomed to using the solution on one device can seamlessly and comfortably use the solution on most other devices. This familiarity enhances the user experience

Current Release: Desktops & Laptops – Windows. Mobiles – Android

In-built Application Store

Compact Identity provides an App Store that offers OOB connectors to several commonly used applications. Administrators can quickly setup the following features for applications:

  1. Single Sign-On
  2. Password Synchronization
  3. User Lifecycle Management: Provisioning / De-Provisioning for Accounts.
  4. Prioritization of apps

On-boarding an application is a matter of a few clicks. Widely used applications are already onboarded. New applications will continue to be added

We can easily upload any new, custom or in-house application to the App Store upon request

The App Store is available on the internet and can be used to onboard applications to Compact Identity directly. Apps will be fetched at runtime at the time of onboarding. If connectivity to the App Store cannot be maintained due owing to security policies, applications from the App Store can be downloaded as an archive and imported into Compact Identity.

Dashboard and Reporting

Compact Identity provides an intuitive dashboard to view common events such as:

  1. Number of user logins (via the launchpad and via the mobile app) on daily/weekly/monthly basis
  2. Widely accessed applications for SSO as a pie chart (daily/weekly/monthly basis)

Apart from the dashboard, IDaaS Next also provides a variety of pre-configured reports to assist you during audits and for statutory and regulatory compliances. These reports can be downloaded in PDF or XLS formats. The list of reports are given below –

  • End User login report (launchpad and mobile app)
  • End User single sign-on report launchpad and mobile app)
  • End User Change Active Directory password
  • End User Reset Active Directory password
  • End User Unlock Active Directory account
  • End user who did not login to Compact Identity
  • Administrator login report
  • Orphan account report
  • Who Has Access to What report



Entry Level and App Level Multi-Factor Authentication

Compact Identity offers strong authentication with a variety of OOB multi-factor authentication mechanisms such as Challenge-Response, Email OTPs and SMS OTP.

Compact Identity enables multi-factor authentication (MFA) when users access Compact Identity (entry level) via the launchpad or via our mobile app, single sign-on to an application (application level), initiation of a password reset or to initiate an account unlock.

Biometric authentication (fingerprint), Pattern and PIN authentication via mobile app will be supported in the next release.


Mobile Support

Compact Identity comes with a mobile application that allow user to perform various activities.

  1. SSO to browser-based applications
  2. Change password
  3. Password Reset and Account Unlock
  4. Password Synchronization
  5. Update Challenge Response answers
  6. Access Request – Roles and Applications
  7. View status of Access Requests
  8. Approve Access Request