The Magic of “Simple yet Comprehensive”

Gartner says that “Small and medium business (SMB) Identity and Access Management must not be a simplified variant of large-enterprise IAM. It must be similar in scope but to a lesser degree.” They propose that SMBs need quality Access Management as well as User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance – but with less depth and suited for environments with few IT staff.

The same statements are also true for larger enterprise who want to take their first steps in IGA. They need solutions that will help them bring a culture of automated IAM through technologies that will accomplish 80% function of  IAM in 20% of  the time. The functions should obviously be a combination of Access Management (AM) & Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), but in a simplified manner.

Products from traditional vendors as well as from modern IDaaS ones do not foot this bill at all. IBM, CA, Oracle and RSA products are only IGA tools that  are extremely granular which is something that a small or midsized business simply does not need. They are overly complex and are not available on the Public Cloud. Okta, Onelogin, Centrify & other IDaaS vendors have only AM (Access Management) component & do not provide IGA functions.

ILANTUS Compact Identity is a compressed yet complete and agile yet powerful IAM solution. It delivers where it matters – on reliability, performance and innovativeness. Build from the ground up for a simple IAM, it is also one of the only products in the entire IAM landscape that boasts patented thick-client (SAP etc.) Single Sign-On and Provisioning. You can get a full IAM suite with SSO, Password Management, ULM and AG for a subscription fee that is highly competitive across the entire market. Compact Identity is the first and last word in quality simple Identity and Access Management.

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Key Features

These features form the foundation Compact Identity.

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SSO and Password Management

One-click access
to all your apps.

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Lifecycle Management

Automate user lifecycles across the staff turnover period.

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Access Governance

Grant and govern access to your business apps.

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