Why settle for an Access Management-only product? For the same price and effort, you can address Access Management (AM) and ensure Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) at the same time.


Compact Identity is the “All-in-One” solution customers have been waiting for.  A major breakthrough in the industry, customers can now access the whole tool kit for Access Management (such as Single Sign-On, Authentication, Password Management) combined with User Lifecycle Management and Governance (such as Access Certification) without changing solutions.


Powered with the best of AM for your unique requirements, fully packed with IGA, Compact Identity is the composite IAM solution, that is complete and concise.

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Unified Directory

Compact Identity has a built-in Identity Store based on a non-relational database. It acts as the central directory for all users and roles created in the solution. Consolidating all users in a single user store – regardless of which directory or database they were created in.

User Experience

Our launchpad design is based on smartphones. It is intuitive and provides a uniform user experience across various devices. Access it with a single click from the ‘Quick Launch’ bar. A standalone app that can be used to Single Sign-On to onboarded apps, it can perform other operations such as managing passwords, updating challenge response questions, requesting new accesses and approving access requests.

Single Sign-On to Any Application

Compact Identity supports an ILANTUS patented SSO to any type of application – web, federated, non-federated, thick-client, legacy and custom-built applications. (Patent # US9985955B2 –“System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications”)

User On-Boarding & Off-Boarding

You can design Compact Identity to map your business processes and rules to automate user on-boarding and off-boarding. With this automation, you can provide accesses to your new employees on day one. In addition, rules can be defined for employee promotion, location change as well exit from your organization.

On Boarding
Off Boarding

Access Review/Recertification

Compact Identity launches Access Review campaigns easily. It enables you to automatically trigger an Access Review process, complete the process, delete accesses that are not required and then run a final reconciliation.

Support for Custom User Attributes

User attributes are configured in the Identity Store. Admins can add, modify or delete attributes as well as choose display options such Text, Password, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, List, Date, etc.

Attributes can be imported from your AD, created, or can be a combination.

App Store

Experience our App Store with OOTB connectors to commonly used apps.
The following features can be set up for these apps:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Password Synchronization
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • Provisioning / De-Provisioning
  • App Prioritization

With our pre-onboarded commonly used apps, on-board apps quickly in a few clicks. Our store is always growing with new apps continually being added. You can request a new app to be added to the store at no additional charge even if it is a custom or in-house app. We have two app stores to choose from – Public App Store and Private App Store. Our Public App Store is visible to all customers whereas our Private App Store (which will store your apps) is visible only to you.


MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication, is a security system that requires more than one method to verify identity. Authentication is based on successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (factors) to an authentication mechanism.

Factor 1:
Something you know (passwords, challenge response questions)

Factor 2:
Something you have (mobile OTP, hard tokens, soft tokens)

Factor 3:
Something you are (fingerprint scans)

Factor 4:
Somewhere you are (your location is used to intelligently predict the authenticity of your login attempt) (in development)

Factor 5:
Something you do (behavioral biometrics) (in development)

Once the factors are verified by the authentication mechanism, access is granted.


Compact Identity supports an intuitive and customizable dashboard to view common events such as:

  • User Adoption rate
  • Number of user logins
  • App Usage Statistics
  • Number of user Forgot Password events

Set up can be configured to view events on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis through the launchpad and on our mobile app.

Pre-Configured Reports

Statutory and Regulatory Compliance is easy with our built-in reports. These reports are audit ready and can capture events on the launchpad and on the mobile app.

  • Who has Access to What
  • End User Login
  • End User Single Sign-On
  • End User Reset – Active Directory Password
  • End User Account Unlock – Active Directory
  • End User who did not login to Compact Identity
  • Orphan Accounts

Additional reports can be configured on request.

Admin Reports

Our ‘Reports’ tab has the following reports:

  • Admin Activity Reports:
    – Modify/Delete/Add User
  • End User Activity Reports:
    – Logins/SSO and Change/Forgot Password
  • Other Reports:
    – Who has Access to What
    – Users who have not accessed the system

Self-Service Password Change

Change your password from the launchpad or from the mobile app. If authentication is delegated to Active Directory, changing your password in Compact Identity synchronizes your AD password to all target applications.

Self-Service Password Reset

Reset forgotten passwords or unlock locked accounts yourself by verifying with alternate factors.

Password Synchronization

Automatically syncs passwords with onboarded apps and updates passwords in our password vault.

Browser Preference SSO

This feature enables users to choose a browser of choice or the browser that works best for an application.  SSO can be configured to use different browsers for different applications on the back end.  Users still use one password and access all applications.

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)

IWA uses the security features of Window’s clients and servers.
When logging into Compact Identity, users authenticate automatically with a Windows login.  This enables Desktop SSO.  IWA will not prompt users for a user name and password.

Shared Login to Applications

Enable/disable ‘Shared Login’ for one or more apps. Users can share their login with others without sharing their credentials. The apps launch for these shared users without the input of credentials.

Mobile App

All the features of Compact Identity can be accessed using a Mobile application available on Android Play Store, iOS App Store. The Mobile app is included with the product and does not require you to purchase it separately. You can change your password directly from the launchpad or from the mobile app.


Orphan Account Management

Track orphan accounts, take quick action to remove or adjust them and ensure security compliance.

Nested Multi-Tenancy

Create multiple instances of our IAM system for different divisions or departments (and even for different organizations within a larger group). Each instance can be managed independently of the others.

Private and Public App Stores

Our App Stores offers OOTB connectors to hundreds of commonly used apps with free application onboarding for 2 years. We also provide a Private App Store for each customer with unique customer apps that will only be visible to the customer.

Thick-client SSO and Provisioning

ILANTUS holds a patent for SSO to thick-client apps. The method works this way –

  • Client apps are launched on the user’s machine.
  • Credentials are then provided in apps to login to a remote server.

(Patent # US9985955B2 – ‘System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications’)

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Compact Identity has a customizable dashboard to view common events such as:

  • Number of user logins
  • Widely accessed apps
  • Forgot Password Stats
  • User Adoption Stats
User Lifecycle Management

User Lifecycle Management covering Access Requests with multi-level workflows is included in Compact Identity.

Password Synchronization

Experience ‘one-password across all apps’ when Compact Identity syncs password changes in real-time with all your apps.

Engineered for Organizations with Simple Needs

Compact Identity serves the needs of organizations with simple IAM requirements perfectly. Its design and success are due to over 18+ years of experience with customers.

Multiple Deployment Models

Choose from On-Premise, Public or Private Cloud

Quick Implementation

Time is costly when it comes to getting a solution up and running. Waiting over a week for an implementation to go live can affect business operations. While other solutions need time to deploy, Compact Identity can be live in an afternoon.

Managed Services

We can manage any IAM environment and give your IT team time to do more than managing. ILANTUS Managed Services can ease operations by adding one of our experts to your IT team or we can provide you with a complete service experience and handle the entire IAM operation.

Start with Less and Add as You Go

Compact Identity is the perfect ‘My First IAM’ solution. Comprehensive enough that you may not need another solution, it is also the perfect stepping stone to more powerful solutions such as ILANTUS Identity Plus. As the size of your organization increases and the complexity of your IAM needs evolve, we can migrate you to a solution that matches the new needs.


Our solutions are competitively priced and suitable for tight budgets.


  • Meets all IAM needs in one comprehensive solution
  • Improves security with only one password to remember
  • Flexibility to decentralize IAM operations
  • Seamlessly compatible with all browsers
  • Notable identical user experience across devices
  • Users enjoy the familiarity and ease of an easy launchpad experience
  • Multiple payment models such as ‘one-time payment’ or ‘recurring investment’