Compact Identity

Compact Identity is a solution that manages and secures Identities and Accesses within an organization (250-3000 users). It is a complete solution that automates the entire lifecycle of Identity and Access Management. Access Governance for audits and compliance and everything from Single Sign-On to Password Management and Birth-Right to Access Request based account provisioning are included.

Economical and lightweight, it is available as a customized solution that can be installed in less than one day. Maintenance is simple and is available with our Managed services.

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Smartphone-like UI

Desktop Launchpad which sports an intuitive, smartphone-like interface that encourages user adoption.

Built-in Identity Store

Identity Store which acts as a central directory for all users and roles.

App Store

App Store with OOTB connectors to thousands of commonly used apps.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Challenge-Response, email and SMS OTP (can be enabled for both global and app access.)

SSO To Web Apps

SSO to Web-based as well as Federated apps.

Mobile App

SSO to various web apps without re-entering your credentials.

Dashboard & Reporting

Experience our intuitive dashboard where you can view common events such as the number of logins and a list of apps with high usage.

SSO to Thick Client Apps

SSO to thick-client apps is no longer a vague dream! Apps such as SAP, Skype, and Putty can all be signed on to and provisioned with Compact Identity!

Shared Login Apps

Enable access to apps by selecting users without revealing their credentials

Browser Preference SSO

Configure apps to SSO in the browser that works best for the application.

Self-Service Password Management

Change your password directly from the launchpad or from our mobile app.

Password Synchoronization

Automatically sync passwords with onboarded apps and updates passwords in our password vault.