Compact Identity Key Features

Compact Identity is a solution that manages and secures Identities and Accesses within an organization (250-3000 users). It is a complete solution that automates the entire lifecycle of Identity and Access Management. Access Governance for audits and compliance and everything from Single Sign-On to Password Management and Birth-Right to Access Request based account provisioning are included.

Economical and lightweight, it is available as a customized solution that can be installed in less than one day. Maintenance is simple and is available with our Managed services.

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Unified Directory

Compact Identity has a built-in Identity Store based on a non-relational database. It acts as the central directory for all users and roles created in the solution. Consolidate all users in a single user store – regardless of which directory or database they were created in.

User Experience

Our launchpad design is based on smartphones. It is intuitive and provides a uniform user experience across various devices. Access it with a single click from the ‘Quick Launch’ bar or enable the autolaunch feature. A standalone app that can be used to Single Sign-On to onboarded apps, it can perform other operations such as managing passwords, updating challenge response questions, requesting new accesses and approving access requests.

Thick-client SSO

Compact Identity sports SSO to thick-client apps such as SAP – besides SSO to web apps. ILANTUS holds a patent for this technology. (Patent# US9985955B2 – ‘System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applications’)

Support for Custom User Attributes

User attributes are configured in the Identity Store. Add, modify or delete attributes and choose from display options such Text, Password, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, List, Date, etc.
The attributes can be imported from your AD, created afresh, or can be a combination.

Global App Store

App Store

Experience our App Store with OOTB connectors to commonly apps. Setup the following features for the apps:

Private App Store

With the Application Store, on-boarding an application is a matter of a few clicks. Widely used applications are already onboarded on the Application Store. New extensively used applications will continue to be added.

Additionally, ILANTUS can easily upload any new, custom or inhouse application on the Application Store upon request from customers free of cost.

App store is of two types; Public and Private. While the Public app store is visible to all customers, Private app store allows visibility only to a specific customer for his unique applications.


MFA is a method of confirming a user’s identity in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism:
Factor #1: Something you know (passwords, challenge response questions)
Factor #2: Something you have (mobile OTP, hard tokens, soft tokens)
Factor #3: Something you are (fingerprint scans)
Factor #4: Somewhere you are (your location is used to intelligently predict the authenticity of your login attempt (in development))
Factor #5: Something you do (behavioral biometrics (in development))


Compact Identity sports an intuitive and customizable dashboard to view common events such as:

  • Number of user logins (via the launchpad and via our mobile app) on adaily/weekly/monthly basis
  • App Usage Statistics as a pie-chart (daily/weekly/monthly basis)
  • Forgot Password
  • User Adoption

A variety of pre-configured reports for assistance during audits and for statutory and regulatory compliance are also provided. The list of reports is given below:

  • Who Has Access to What
  • End User Login (launchpad and mobile app)
  • End User Single Sign-On (launchpad and mobile app)
  • End User Reset Active Directory password
  • End User Unlock Active Directory account
  • End User who did not login to Compact Identity
  • Orphan Accounts

Additional reports can be configured on request.

Admin Reports

Our ‘Reports’ tab sports the following features:

  • Admin Activities: Reports pertaining to activities such as Modify/Delete/Add User.
  • End User Activities: Such as Logins/SSO and Change/Forgot Password.
  • Other Reports: Reports pertaining to activities such as ‘Who Has Access to What’ and ‘Users who have not accessed the system’.

Password Management

Our Password Management module sports the following features:

Self-service Password Change
Change your password from the launchpad or from the mobile app. If authentication is delegated to Active Directory, changing your password in Compact Identity synchronizes your AD password.

Self-Service Password Reset
Reset forgotten passwords or unlock locked accounts yourself by verifying with alternate factors.

Self-Service Password Management

Change your password directly from the launchpad or from our mobile app.

SSO To Web Apps

SSO to Web-based as well as Federated apps.

Mobile App

All the features of Compact Identity can be accessed using a Mobile application available on Android Play Store, iOS App Store. The Mobile app is included with the product and does not require you to purchase it separately.

Browser Preference SSO

This feature enables users to have the choice to use SSO to their authorized business applications using a browser of their choice or using the browser that works best for the application.

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)

IWA uses the security features of Windows clients and servers.
IWA does not prompt users for a user name and password when logging into Compact Identity, allowing users to be authenticated automatically with Windows login thus enabling Desktop SSO.

Shared Login to Applications

Enable/disable ‘Shared Login’ for one or more apps. Users can share their login with others without sharing their credentials. The apps launch for these shared users without the input of credentials.

Password Synchronization

Automatically sync passwords with onboarded apps and updates passwords in our password vault.