Lifecycle Management

Automate your user Lifecycle across the staff turnover period.

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Like Nothing You've Seen

Birth-Right Provisioning

Employees joining your organization get access to defined systems and apps when they join.

Role Based Provisioning

Create new accounts for users across business apps based on attributes and roles. Create static or dynamic roles.

Promotions and Transfers

Automatically adjust accesses when promotions or transfers occur.

Account based Access Request

Employees need access to different business systems and applications at different times. They can request access to any onboarded app. These requests are sent to a designated authority for approval. The account is then provisioned automatically upon approval. Compact Identity allows users to request access to any onboarded app Based on the configuration defined while onboarding the app, these requests are sent to the relevant authority for approval. Upon approval the accounts are provisioned automatically.
Be it SAP, Oracle Financial, Skype or a mainframe application, ILANTUS SSO can handle it all.

Self service password change
Self service password Reset

Role Based Access Request

An employee may need membership of a role or roles that gives them access to additional apps. Based on role configurations, these requests are sent to a designated authority for approval. Employees are given membership to the requested role after approval and accesses linked to that role are automatically provisioned.

Multi-Level Approval Workflow

Configure workflows for access requests to applications or roles. Choose a role or user as the approving authority at each level of the workflow. Whether only one or all authorities must approve the request can be configured.

Password Sync

Manager Initiated Access Requests

Managers may request access to a role or app for employees on their behalf. These requests also follow pre-configured workflows.

Other Features

Suspension and Restoration

Automatically suspend or delete users who are marked ‘suspended’ in the Active Directory or in CSV files. Based on this status, accounts in various target apps are suspended or deleted.

De – Provisioning

Automatically revoke accesses across all business applications when an employee leaves your organization. This feature supports statutory and regulatory compliances and ensures effective security.