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‘Doing’ vs ‘BEING’

By August 23, 2018 No Comments

Over a period of time – when we live completely within our minds – we lose touch with our inner selves and we begin to feel lost.

I have discovered that this happens when we are in a ‘DOING’ mode all the time, rather than in ‘BEING’. The latter means to live from our inner self and is a state of ALLOWING.

However, BEING does not mean we do not ‘DO’ anything. It is a state where our actions spring from our more sensible emotions and our gut-feelings while we stay rooted in the present moment.

DOING, on the other hand, is future-focused. Here the mind creates a series of tasks that take us from our present position to a perceived goal in order to achieve a particular outcome.

The issue with DOING is not that there are goals or outcomes. It is that our whole existence moves into this mechanism of computeristic logic, and in the process gets disconnected from our essential dynamism and intuition.

The mind, ancient wisdom has preached – and this I have found to be true – is a tool like a screwdriver or a hammer. It is a very precise and powerful tool, but it is just a tool, best operated from our higher logic and presence.

When we get ‘lost in the mind’, we forget about our higher logic and presence and instead operate as a shadow of our real selves. A hammer can build a house or can destroy it.

I have discovered that to determine whether my actions are coming from DOING or BEING, I need only look at the emotion behind the decision. Is it FEAR or PASSION?

Understanding this distinction has allowed me to achieve much greater results in my life with much less effort and a supreme level of joy.

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