Dreaming the Ultimate:”IDAAS”

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We are a small company with less resources than perhaps a tiny business unit of IBM. But that does not deter us from dreaming big. We are committed to change the way Identity Management is seen, implemented and supported. We have existed for 17 years with one dream: To enable the world, its people and companies manage Identities better. We have seen promises being made by IDM companies during 2000-2004, then again from 2005 to 2012 and again after…, to make Identity management simpler, quicker and more economical. Reality is, this has never happened. The promises have only helped a few companies to fill their pockets while they have filled minds of user organizations with empty dreams.

We are committed to change the way this domain is seen, touched and felt. With “IDAAS>“, the next generation application. with IDaaS > we have reached closer to our dream.

The corporate world has always been divided between dreamers and realists. If your organization has dreamt of an Identity Management Solution that will be simple, easy, economical… take a serious look at ILANTUS.
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