You care about your students. We care about protecting you. You want nothing more than to enable them to be productive so that they can give their best and get most from your university. We want this too.

ILANTUS stands for honesty and integrity and serves to protect all kinds of organizations from cybercrime. Technologically, we realize that our solutions are also ideally poised to do more than just this – they can improve productivity through unified access and automated password resets.

ILANTUS has existed in the domain of Identity and Access Management (a subset of cybersecurity) since the birth of the domain. But the industry is rife with ‘players’ who do just that – play the game and play you. They are here just to make a steep profit. We are here to make sure that what’s yours remains yours, and that unsuspecting students don’t get the bad end of the stick. We do not price competitively - we price in a manner that allows any organization and with any kind of budget to secure themselves and feel safe.

We are ILANTUS. We are experienced, innovative, caring and careful. We want you staff and students to be safe. Help us help you – stop by our booth at Educause this October.

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