Emerging Trends in IGA / IAM / IDAAS

Emerging Trends in IGA / IAM / IDAAS

Many new technology areas has hit the the race in recent years to cater new challenges in IAM/IGA space. Governance of unstructured data, mobile device management, advanced privileged user management & SIEM, integration between various IAM components are good examples. Unquestionably the most significant of these developments is IDaaS (Identity as a Service). Most analysts & investors agree with that .

IDaaS is a complex, high entry barrier domain that is st its evolving stage. There are vendors that have come up with no past experience in this domain. They have come to prominence as they have been able to successfully offer commodity solutions like “Single Sign-On” which practically have not much difference in use-cases from one customer to another. There is also no or little customization required. On the other hand, larger players are trying to offer IDaaS by way of repackaging the traditional solutions in a new bottle labeled as IDaaS. They seriously lack functionality required for today’s business world. They also offer no solution to growing costs of deployment & support.

There are very few vendors that come from service background & therefore understand the complexity of this domain. Many of them have crafted solutions that have the potential to replace traditional solutions but at a much reduced cost. These vendors such as Ilantus have come out with products that work in the cloud or on-premise, have out-of-box connectors for integrating with very large number of applications, solutions such as access attestation/re-certification, SSO, password management. More importantly, these vendors can provide “premium managed services” that eliminate the need for customers to make any investment in in-house management. Customers need to understand these emerging trends in order to make wise selections that would make them not repeat the disaster of the past again.

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