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Akshitha | Ilantus Products

Akshatha BS
QA Manager

A diligent QA manager and a passionate photographer – Taking you through Akshatha’s journey at Ilantus

Akshatha B.S, an MBA by qualification, became a part of Ilantus in the year 2018 as a QA consultant. What started as a brief contract, kept getting extended, for her diligence couldn’t have gone unnoticed, and soon enough she became an eminent part of Ilantus and our Quality Assurance team. Now the QA manager for our product Compact Identity, she brings joy and quality in equal measures, to her role at Ilantus.

Akshatha is cheerful and fun-loving, and at the same time an accomplished performer. You will see her assume a wide range of responsibilities, perform them impeccably, and tickle funny bones with her humor while at it!

Off work, she enjoys traveling and cooking but photography, she says is her forte.

She never ceases to learn and is always found researching industry trends such that she constantly grows and at the same time makes Quality at Ilantus stand out.

What does she say about her team?

When asked, she says, “I am working with awesome team members who are just as crazy and passionate about disruptive technology as I’m. The vibe in my team is just perfect! They are passionate, helpful and fun-loving individuals, available at any point of time to contribute.”

She has fantastic advice for the new joiners too, she says, “My tip to the new joiners is work productively and learn to balance work with passion projects. The fun and energy that such balance adds will let you do better and feel refreshed – both at once!”

Akshatha is problem-solver, she certainly faces challenges at work but never lets it affect her productivity and gives a lot of credit to her team as well. She says, “Of course, there are challenges, and my work wouldn’t be interesting without it. At times, when the product must be delivered to the customers, we absolutely have to ensure that the application is error-free, and we strive to achieve flawless customer experience. Plus, all this must be delivered in a limited duration of time. But my team supports and helps me significantly and we all work towards one goal. Be it a Junior Engineer or a Senior Manager, we have great solidarity here at Ilantus.”

On her projects and vision for Ilantus.    

For Akshatha, her pet project at work is Compact Identity. Given how it is an IAM benchmark, the process of ensuring the quality of the product, keeping it error-free and making sure that users have a great experience with it has been delightful.

Ilantus’ vision and goals are her goals too – she can’t wait to add more years to her tenure here and enjoy her own professional evolution while here!

Final thoughts on Ilantus

The glee on Akshatha’s face when she talks about Ilantus, is evident – “My Journey with Ilantus is an unforgettable one. I joined as a consultant for just 3 months, then there was an extension of a couple of more months. Post that, Our CTO, Pramod Bhaskar, and CEO, Binod Singh personally recognized my contribution and with their guidance, I am here today. Proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of mentors and dream achievers. One is sure to find motivation, opportunities, and recognition here in abundance.”

Ilantus is proud to have Akshatha on board! We congratulate her for all her achievements and look forward to working on great projects with her.

Also, Akshatha was kind enough to share some of her clicks with us and we were certainly left in awe when we saw them. We decided they simply had to be shared. Have a look!