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Prakash | Ilantus Products

Prakash Nair
Product Manager

An Engineer and MBA by qualification, product manager by profession, riding motorcycles and listening to podcasts for passion.

Having over 10 years of experience in various industries and functions, Prakash Nair has been associated with Ilantus for 1.5 years now and his journey has been quite an interesting one.

He started off as a product manager for Compact Identity and then, was given the opportunity to build Identity Plus – a dream product for Ilantus, from scratch, giving him an opportunity to understand about the domain, industry, and product development in-depth.

“The entire process of building such a vast and complex product has been taxing as well as rewarding.” He says.

He leads the Identity Plus team and when asked to share his thoughts about his team, he said “My entire team comes with a deep knowledge of the IAM domain and contribute actively to the evolution of the product. They are also self-motivated and do not need to be micro-managed to get work done.”

He believes that Ilantus is growing at an extremely fast pace. So, it sometimes is difficult to keep track of the various changes that are taking place across products and functions.

However, his closing thoughts on Ilantus are nothing short of positive.

He says “Ilantus is nimble as an organization. It continuously updates itself to remain relevant with the time. Employee and customer feedback are actively sought after. This makes a huge difference in how the organization evolves to keep both employees and customers happy. There is an open-door policy, so every person in the organization is approachable for every employee.”

Ilantus is glad to have Prakash onboard and we thank him for all his contributions towards our company.