Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise Password Management (EPM) is a nifty solution for managing passwords. A password is the most common way that a person can gain access to enterprise and SaaS apps. Password management is an evident organizational challenge and EPM solves most problems encountered by most users, service-desk personnel, and security administrators.

There are products that take care of personal password management requirements and there are those that assist corporate folk in managing their passwords. These products offer minimal features like forgotten password resets and password changes.


There are also true EPM solutions that cater to the hundreds of differing needs and situations of different businesses. These ensure that more complex requirements are met.

We offer it all. Our password management technology is also one of the few that is used in the highest of security environments.

EPM relieves service-desk call volumes, reduces costs through self-service password management and increases security with automated policy administration.

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Foundation Features

Self Service Password Change/Reset/Account Unlock

EPM allows users to change and reset passwords and unlock accounts without relying on the helpdesk or depending on IT department. It allows users to reset forgotten passwords through verification. This is done using available factors such as challenge response questions, SMS OTP, Email OTP or Soft Tokens.



Active Directory Integration

Enterprise Password Management integrates seamlessly with any complex Active Directory deployment and with in-built AD server health checks and failover schemes. It allows for faster deployment of the Enterprise Password Management solution for organizations using having Active Directory.

Multi-Lingual Support

Enterprise Password Management supports 8 languages to cater to a wide range of customers. Support for additional languages is on the way.
• English
• French         
• Dutch
• Spanish
• German
• Italian
• Swedish
• Finnish
• Korean
• Chinese
• Portuguese
• Turkish
• Japanese
• Polish


Registration-less Self-Service

Most self-service solutions require users to register themselves using an available factors. This however results in a low adoption of the solution since it involves additional time investment. EPM eliminates solve this through a registration-free solution. Our solution integrates with Active Directory and automatically registers the email id and mobile numbers stored in the AD against the user. This increases user adoption drastically and provides more value.

Roaming User Password Reset

Most enterprise policies require users to change passwords every 30-60 days. Since they are required to be connected to the domain to change passwords, it becomes a challenge them if their works require them to be on field. They must come to the nearest office to perform a change password, which cost unnecessary expense for the company in travel and time.

EPM allows such roaming users to easily manage their password from anywhere in the world using ILANTUS’s proprietary technology.


Flexible Self-Service Password Reset Policies

Administrators can configure different levels of SSPR policies for different OUs/Groups/Users in the Directory Service. They can also define inclusion or exclusion policies to restrict user access.

Password Sync

Enterprises use multiple applications today which results in users needing to remember multiple passwords. This is a major security risk because users tend to write down their passwords.

EPM supports "password syncing" for many used applications. This means that there is just one password to remember. Users change the Active Directory password and then EPM syncs the password with all applications. Having a single password increases security considerably as it forces users to choose a password that they can remember that is also strong.


Multi-Factor Authentication

EPM supports OOB MFA like Challenge-Response, Email OTP, SMS OTP and Soft-Tokens. Integration with other factor is supported.

OS Integration

User do not have to open a webpage to manage passwords. Users can unlock OS accounts directly from the login screen - for both Windows and Mac.



Helpdesk Assisted Password Reset

Helpdesk Agents can verify end-user identity through challenge-response verifications or through SMS OTP. The helpdesk change the password manually or use our tool to change it automatically and send the new password  to the concerned person’s cellphone.

Automated User Onboarding

EPM can onboard users from HR applications in a batch process.This drastically reduces the implementation time and increases adoption


Integration with IAM solutions

EPM integrates OOB with identity solutions from major vendors such as IBM, CA and RSA which protects existing investments.

Integration with ITSM Tool

EPM supports the logging of all password reset events in to the central ITSM tools for further reporting and monitoring

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Our Password Management tool can generate password reset summary reports, "time-spent for password reset reports" and other various event reports. Administrators can schedule the generation of reports and send them to specific groups automatically.


The solution provides IT admins with real-time notifications, graphical dashboard and reports with audit trails to meet regulatory requirements.