Enterprise Single Sign-on

Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) is a next generation solution that enables seamless and secure access to any web-based, on-premise or cloud application from any device, and to thick clients, - anytime and anywhere. You sign in once and access multiple apps from that sign-in. Built on proprietary and industry-leading technology, our solution offers a comprehensive suite of features that provides organizations with a quick, easy and cost-effective way to control secure access to multiple apps.

This SSO solution stands tall amongst other solutions of its kind with 2 patents for thick-client SSO and many industry-standard features.


Key Features

Easy and intuitive launchpad

Based on ‘agent-less’ architecture, you can single-sign-on from any desktop or mobile webpage. You add provisioned app icons to customize your personal launchpad as a one-time activity, and then simply access apps from it with one click.

SSO to thick-client apps

Industries like Pharma, Manufacturing, Call Centers (BPO), Banking and Healthcare rely heavily on thick-clients applications that are specific to their domains(desktop or native) for their core operations. Any SSO solution that excludes such apps from its scope is incomplete.
ESSO supports SSO to a wide range of thick-client applications such as SAP ECC, Outlook, VPN, Putty, etc. using patented and proprietary technology. This ensures that you have only to rely upon an easy to use launchpad to access all your apps.

SSO to SAML Applications

Many leading cloud-based applications like Salesforce Office 365 use federated protocols such as SAML and Kerberos for authentication. ESSO can easily SSO to these federated applications. It can perform both IdP and SP initiated SSO thus offering greater flexibility in how users access applications.

SSO to Non-Federated Applications

Applications that do not use federation typically use some form of credential based authentication or are integrated with the Active Directory. ESSO supports SSO to all such applications so that users can access all required applications from a single launchpad

Password Sync

Even after using an SSO solution, users still need to update passwords in the vault for applications that are not integrated with the directory or do not support federation. This causes users to have to remember multiple passwords and then to remember to enter them in the vault whenever passwords are changed.

ESSO syncs the users passwords with the password of such applications so that just one password need be remembered. Using a single password also ensures that users do not need to write it down. We support this “password-syncing” for most commonly used applications and can also support custom homegrown applications.

Auto Launch

Organizations can configure ESSO to automatically launch applications that are required by an employee during the user’s login. This features helps cutdown the time required in getting an employee productive which is critical in many industries.

Secure Access

Our ESSO solution is built on a highly secure, scalable and lightweight architecture which has an embedded database that stores all user and policy information. Extensive security mechanisms ensure the security of Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Transit. we use industry standard encryption techniques to secure information. Enterprise credentials are never at risk of being compromised.


Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication:

OOB MFA at each application level secures access to critical applications. There is OOB support for Challenge-Response, Email OTP, SMS OTP and Soft-Tokens. Integration with other factors is quick and easy. 
Factors such as biometrics can be easily integrated.

Browser preference for applications

Different enterprise applications may perform better on different browsers. It can be challenge for users to remember what application is supposed to open in what browser. 
To tackle this ESSO supports the setting up of browser preferences for each application so that it will only be launched in its preferred browser irrespective of where it was launched. Now you can allow users to use Chrome as the default browser with their browser preference set to Internet Explorer for certain applications. This allows users to get the best of both worlds.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Enterprise Single Sign-On supports Integrated Windows Authentication which authenticates users against their Windows credentials so that they get a seamless access to the Launchpads. IWA enables users to access the launchpad through their login to a Windows machine.

Enterprise Portal Integration

Some organizations have an internal portal that employees use to access internal resources. Enterprise Single Sign-On allows organizations to use the same portal for single sign-on. This vastly improves the adoption of the intranet portal as well as the ESSO solution.

Multi-Domain support

Enterprise Single Sign-On allows multiple Active Directory Server Domains to be configured within the same tenant instance of the solution. This allows Administrators to configure features required for different domains to those specific domains

Flexible deployment options:

Many industries such as Pharma, Banking and Healthcare still prefer solutions that are hosted on-premise for regulatory and security reasons.

Enterprise Single Sign-On supports such requirements by having multiple deployment option – Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid Cloud.