Hybrid Identity

There are several thousand businesses that use traditional IAM products such as, IBM, CA, Oracle, RSA. Expensive and difficult to build and manage, these solutions must be kept in a 'lights on' mode. At the same time customers need technology that will solve urgent needs that cannot be fulfilled by traditional IAM solutions.

'HYBRID IDENTITY' from ILANTUS is an excellent choice for such businesses. We have been engaged in traditional IAM for more than 17 years. We not only implement these solutions, we also provide 24 x 7 Managed Services. Because of our experience with these technologies we build solutions that easily integrate with these technologies. These are our Hybrid Solutions.

Hybrid Identity Solution Options:

Scenerio 1 – Implementing / Enhancing  Traditional technologies implementation (IBM, CA, RSA, others)

ILANTUS sees value in Sailpoint Identity Now. It is a path breaking IDaaS innovation in the IGA (Identity and Governance) space. ILANTUS collaborates with Sailpoint to implement and support Identity Now.

Scenerio 2 – Implement and support IDaaS third party technology:

Often organizations need to implement Single Sign-On more rapidly than traditional technologies allow. There could also be a need for Cloud Directory, more sophisticated password management or a better authentication mechanism. These requirements can be taken care of by deploying the latest IDaaS tools available while ensuring that they integrate seamlessly with the deployed IAM solution. The tool can be from ILANTUS or from third party vendor.

With more than 18 years of experience in IAM, we are ideally poised to add value to customers that have the need to continue with traditional IAM while adding modern elements in a seamless manner.

Senerio 3:

ILANTUS can provide  easy integration that can  be quickly deployed to connect AM (Access Management ) technologies to IGA (Identity Governance & Administration ). OKTA Access Management & ILANTUS  Identity Plus (IGA tool in cloud) is a good example. Sailpoint Identity IQ and ILANTUS Niche SSO is an another example.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services helps you to reduce the operational cost of your Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) investment by integrating some of latest IDaaS technologies.

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Implementation Services:

IBM Implementation Services
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RSA VIA Implementation Services
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