IAM and SAP: Thick-Client Support

By October 15, 2018 No Comments

You’ve got a powerful ERP solution that helps with resource planning and does a great job of it. There’s no doubt that its SAP.

But, while SAP has Single Sign-On (SSO) to its own solution and to apps that connect with it, it is left outside of the scope of SSO and Provisioning that connects all apps within your Identity and Access Management solution.

SAP is a thick-client app, and pretty much nobody wants to integrate with these kinds of apps. They rationalize that, someday in a distant future, thick-client apps will be entirely replaced by web-based apps, and therefore that their solutions are future proof.

But this future is not very likely and is not the real reason that the bulk of the industry has no solution for these apps. It is because thick-client app support is cumbersome and expensive to develop – and because developing such as solution has a poor ROI as only a small fraction of all business apps are of this kind. It is monumentally cheaper to just provide IAM for web-based apps and bottom-lines are padded nicely.

But you need support for thick-client apps. A security system is only worth its weakest link. Certain industries like banking and manufacturing choose to use thick-client over web-apps for security reasons. It’s safer to use apps that are local when important financial information is being processed. Devices used in the manufacturing industry also must function on thick-client apps because they are not networked by design. And even if you do not fall in one of these categories, you still use apps like SAP. With such a critical app left out of your SSO solution, your security and productivity fall to a lower rating.

ILANTUS Niche Identity, Compact Identity and Identity Plus solutions all integrate seamlessly with SAP and other thick-client apps. We hold several patents for the technology that enables us to do this and we are the only vendor in the industry who can properly SSO and Provision to thick-client apps.

ILANTUS cares about security and about improving the productivity of your organization. We engineer our products based on 18 years of experience serving customers and know what makes a solution real and viable. That’s why we developed thick-client support, and that’s why you should choose us as an IAM vendor.


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