Identity And Access Management For Every Organisation—Coming Soon!

Identity And Access Management For Every Organisation-Coming Soon!

What does security mean to your organization?

Ensuring external threats are at bay, internal accesses are at check, all the data is secure—all of these could be factors through which you measure your security. But, what you might not realize is all of these are equally important in ensuring your organization is safe from all kinds of threats.

Loopholes in your internal security are as good as having no firewall. So what can you do to ensure you are safe at all costs without compromising on your productivity of your employees?

The domain of identity and access management (IAM) is the one that can serve all your purposes. Coming into existence in the 2000s with user provisioning primarily, today, it is a full-blown solution. Single sign-on, password management, governance, administration, lifecycle management, mobility management, analytics, and much more are integral aspects of today’s ‘Intelligent IAM.’

Yet, the solutions seem to have become muddled with too many products, vendors, and have become complicated. Today, the customers have to buy multiple products from different vendors to obtain all the desired functionalities, accompanied by endless implementation hours. Access Management (AM) might have found its ground in more straightforward implementations, yet, seamless implementation of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is still a distant dream.

A leading analyst, Gartner, says, “50% of IGA deployments are in distress — i.e., they have failed to achieve functional, budgetary or timing commitments.”

IAM- a necessity for all

IGA, with functionalities that ensure crucial aspects like “who has access to what” within your organization is imperative for an organization to remain compliant and secure. However, owing to its tryst with complexities, high cost, and lack of ROI due to incomplete implementations—organizations have commonly been hesitant to acquire it.
As an absolute necessity, only the larger enterprises have delved into the implementation of a complete Identity and Access Management solution, which includes IGA.

The midsize organizations have continued to strain away from investing in such solutions.

A recent report revealed that organizations with 500 to 999 employees are more affected by cybercrime and experience more significant loss than other others. This report further exemplifies the fact that a complete Identity and Access Management solution is the need of the hour for every organization irrespective of the number of employees.

The Ilantus initiative

Ilantus, with its 19 years of implementation experience, has always strived to ensure that Identity and Access Management solutions amplify security and accelerate organizational productivity.
Our product, Compact Identity, is a true reflection of this belief. It is a comprehensive cloud IAM product with both Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration so that customers do not have to go looking for multiple products. And most importantly, the implementation of Compact Identity is a breeze. It has been serving several customers, some of whom have also been new to the IAM domain.

KuppingerCole, a leading Identity and Access Management analyst, named Ilantus as an innovation leader in its IDaaS Access Management Leadership Compass.
The report says, “Compact Identity makes an ideal choice of IDaaS for organizations that are looking to start their IAM journey without significant effort and investment, favoring a lean IAM operating model that goes beyond Access Management and add IGA capabilities.”

Compact Identity is a complete IAM bundle, with an emphasis on providing seamless solutions that are efficient, thoroughly economical, and provides rapid time to value, 

Gartner says, “The principal driver for adoption of IGA as a service is the desire to reduce time to value — especially from midsize clients with basic IGA requirements.”
Thus, this is what Ilantus aims to give you.
Whether you are an organization looking for an IAM solution with basic IGA functionalities or in-depth Governance solutions—whatever is your requirement, Compact Identity can do it all.
With its modular approach, we give exactly what the customers demand.

As an industry first, we are launching an experience where customers are enabled with a configured solution and constant support—all for free.
Our initiative aims at providing users with an experience as good as a purchase with the convenience of a free trial and with an intention to encourage organizations of all sizes to imbibe security as their core principle.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of this unique experience.

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