Is my Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Strategy working?

By May 9, 2016 No Comments


We have sunk too much in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) which included identity management & access governance with little results ?

After three to four years of deployments my IAM does not provision 80% of my applications.

I continue to face audit challenges in spite of massive investment in IAM.

I have never been able to find right people to manage my IAM initiative.

Do of these questions/statements sound familiar to you

Well, it does to a staggering 86% of organizations, as indicated by the result of a global survey conducted in February, 2015. Question is “how do you know whether your pain points are because of your strategy not working”or still worse, do you have a strategy at all or it has been largely a set if knee-jerk reactions to the requirements of your businesses.

Very often IGA strategy is based on visible, immediate pain points analyzed through the lens of outdated technologies that take practically forever to get anything while costing too much.

IDaaS (Identity as a Service) has largely emerged to solve many of the issues. But be aware IDaaS is not mature enough to solve all your problems today. Most vendors are good in providing low value-add commodity solutions like “Single Sign-On“. Very few provide solution that can effectively address your provisioning & governance needs, as an example.

So the first step of your IAM strategy, after identifying your pain areas the initiative should be to gather information on what solutions are available. Second, the experience of the vendor in this domain must also be ascertained. Finally, the “ability to execute” must be given high points as opposed just to “vision” of the vendor.