Identity Management
for the SAP World

  • Get Single Sign-On to all SAP modules
  • Manage SAP passwords along with AD passwords
  • Easily govern access to SAP
  • Smoothly provision into SAP

Identity & Access Management also known now as “Identity Governance & Administration” (IGA), has become critical to organizations from an Administration Compliance & Governance perspective. While SAP offers many solutions for its customers in this area, there is a critical need to complement customers with solutions that address other parallel application and infrastructure needs.

For more than 15 years, ILANTUS has focused in the IGA domain. With an extensive knowledge of Identity Management for SAP and Core SAP, ILANTUS has been able to bring a distinctive set of Identity Management solutions to the SAP world. Adding a host of partner solutions from IBM, this combination positions ILANTUS to address the challenges that SAP presents with User Provisioning, Access Governance, Password Management, Single Sign-On.

It is this deep understanding that distinguishes ILANTUS. ILANTUS SSO to SAP addresses the enterprise, cloud and web based applications with one product and therefore one solution. Through IBM, ILANTUS has the expertise in the Governance of Access to SAP applications. ILANTUS GRC is a viable, interesting and more affordable value addition or replacement for SAP-GRC.

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Traditional ESSO (Enterprise Single Sign On) solutions from vendors such as IBM, CA, Oracle and Net IQ address this solution with technology that is outdated, challenging to implement and cost prohibitive. Major analysts have already warned customers of their limited shelf life as they are based on outdated technology.

Yet, on the other hand, the latest cloud based SSO solutions (on the latest technology) from vendors such as OKTA, One login and Centrify provide SSO only to web applications. With SAP largely driven with “Thick Client” applications, there are no out of the box solutions for this world.

ILANTUS is the ONLY vendor bridging the gap…providing the solution to the SAP world that also supports other enterprise applications. With three patents pending, ILANTUS SSO for SAP has been acknowledged by all, including special mention by Gartner in its latest IDaaS Magic Quadrant report.

ILANTUS Xpress Password for SAP offers two services to SAP users:
  1. Self-Service Password Resets with SAP Systems
  2. Quick and Easy Windows (AD)  Password Synchronization with SAP systems
Self-Service Password  Resets

In some situations, be they technical or security related, users may have different passwords for AD and for SAP. SAP users may have one SAP password across all SAP instances or use different passwords for each individual SAP instance. The use of multiple passwords furthers the need for a Password Self-Service option. ILANTUS Xpress Password meets that need with a Password Self-Service module.

Password Synchronization

When users forget their AD password or are locked out, the Windows password can be changed through Password Self-Service and it will synchronize with the SAP accounts.  Even when there are multiple instances, Xpress Password will synchronize every time a password has been changed in Windows to all the user’s SAP instances. ILANTUS Xpress Password for SAP helps users to synchronize the Windows Password with SAP systems quickly and easily.


 Xpress Password – Features
Challenges  Solution Feature
Forgotten Password
Locked Account
Password Self-Service Supports self-service on forgotten passwords and locked accounts directly from login screen–Windows and Mac.

Empowers roaming users from disconnected office network (hotel/airport) to effectively carry out password self-service and login to their locked workstations.

Remembering Multiple Passwords for Multiple Applications Password Synchronization Users need to remember one secure password to access multiple applications.
Password Management beyond SAP Password Self-Service
Password Synchronization
This tool can provide in-depth Password Self-Service and Password Synchronization for not only SAP systems, but also other enterprise applications as well.
Security Vulnerability Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) MFA supports Soft-token and SMS OTP, both at global and application levels.

Governance of access to SAP systems is challenging. There are literally hundreds of Segregation of Duty (SOD) rules that need to be written and configured. Even more challenging is compliance to these rules, as no manual system can be foolproof.

Organizations use tools such as SAP-GRC to handle this function. However, companies need to consider the exorbitant product cost, the incredible complex process of implementation, and the high recurring costs (hundreds of thousands of dollars) that need to be spent every year.

ILANTUS now has the alternative with lower cost and easier implementation. Recertify accesses in a fraction of the time. Through an automated process, each manager or application user receives access details needed to certify and an easy way to complete the recertification process. If required, the system can also remove access automatically.

ILANTUS also has exceptional expertise providing these solutions on other vendor technologies. As an example…IBM has just unveiled an exclusive way to process access for SAP users.  With our deep knowledge of IBM technology and long association with IBM as a solution partner, ILANTUS is one of the very few partners of IBM that has expertise in this solution, right from design, proof of concept to implementation and support.

ILANTUS can offer this solution to SAP users as well.

Most provisioning systems now offer out of box connectors for SAP customers. Implementing them can sometimes be challenging. Most service organizations do not have access to SAP systems and are totally dependent on customer systems for implementation and support. This not only delays the implementation but also creates administrative overhead for customers.

ILANTUS has access to all SAP systems and is not dependent on customer systems to initiate implementations, as well as test. As a unique IAM services company, ILANTUS understands the complex language and terminology of the SAP world. When engaging an ILANTUS expert, ILANTUS does the job of communicating with SAP and customers do not have to worry about data gathering, process flow discussions.

Another ILANTUS advantage for our SAP business community is the ILANTUS trademark: the experience of working with all key technologies. ILANTUS is a trusted customer advocate advising customers with the right fit for their SAP Provisioning needs and eventually integrating with Governance of Accesses including SoD for SAP.